• Mission Statement


    The educational approach of Twindly Bridge Charter School is to focus on the individual student and his/her own interests, weaknesses and strengths, while completing independent study at home. Students may choose to work entirely at home or they may include supplementary classes held in the schools’ classrooms, gym and labs, and/or other educational institutions and community resources. 
    Each student’s course of study will be specified in an Individualized Learning Plan developed as a collaborative effort between student, parent/guardians and a certified teacher. A student allotment will be used to support the goals of the ILP, to purchase curriculum , and to enhance learning outside of the home.
    Research shows that children learn in different ways and at different rates, and once they become motivated they learn whatever is required to accomplish their goals. Our mission is to provide an instructional program that builds on students’ interests.
Last Modified on July 5, 2012