• Academy Advisory Board
    Kara Kusche
    Board President
    Julie Estey 
    Vice President

    Sabrena Combs

    Lydia Yocum
    Community Member At Large

    Molly Conner
    Community Member at Large

    Barbara Gerard

    Stacy Molina
    Teacher Representative 

     Tamela Kile 

          Peter Olson

      Assistant Principal 

    Role of Advisory Board
    1. Represent the voices of students, parents and prospective students
    2. Focus is on long-term health and vibrancy of school
    3. Advisory capacity means; we do not get involved in day-to-day operational aspects of the school
    Attend Our Next Meeting
    Please join us at Academy Charter School on the second Tuesday of the month during normal school days at 3:30 PM. No meetings during June - July

    All current minutes of this year, are located in the office in a notebook for your review.
    Our Charter
    Our charter sets forth why we need our school, our mission statement, vision, philosophy, and much more. 
    Please read through our charter.  THE CHARTER 
Last Modified on February 3, 2021