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    What is a charter school?
    Charter schools have been described as the 'research and development arm of public education'. They are new, innovative public schools that are accountable for student results. They are designed to deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and the needs of the communities they serve.
    The Alaska Department of Education answers frequently
    asked questions about charter schools
    To see the statutes, amendments, special education requirements for Charter Schools, and more, please see the Alaska sectionof the US Charter Schools web site.
    Achievement studies at the National  Charter School Research Project, the Hoxby Study, and the informative report by the Center for Education Reform all provide valuable research on the effectiveness of Charter Schools.

    What makes Academy unique?
    Our K-8 charter school is based on the Core Knowledge curriculum, founded by E. D. Hirsch.

    We have increased our school day to accommodate a 105 minute rotating lab and intensive learning formats.

    We require teacher subject-area specialization.

    We accelerate learning in Math and language arts by grouping students based on their ability.

    Language and physical fitness is part of all students education, specifically Spanish and Taekwando.

    We require parent participation, which is vital for student success.

    Please take a moment to review our CHARTERwhich details our mission, philosophy, values and more.

    Is my child eligible to enroll?
     Yes! We are a public school, so all children living in the Mat- Su Borough are eligible.
    We have one class per grade, so space is limited. You can register for the lottery by going to the forms tab.

    There are a few characteristics of our school we would like you to be aware of, including:
      i.  Parent participation is required
      ii. You must provide your own transportation  
      iii. You must provide a lunch for your student every day
    Academy Charter School History by Principal Barbara Gerard

    It has been a long journey with many hurdles and barriers to making our dream a reality. The first hurdle was to prove to the school district that our intentions in making a school were true and honorable and that we had the capability to make the school work. The first 6 months after the application was turned into the school district were spent sharing our vision and convincing others that we truly could provide an outstanding education for children here in the Valley. Once the local School Board had approved our application, we presented our vision at the State School Board where we received the nod of approval. It would seem like we would be off, sailing forward into the wind, but in reality, a home for our little school was still an uncertainty.
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