•  Sherrod Facts and Curiosities


    Did you know...
    ~ that Sherrod Elementary is named after Max Sherrod, an original Colonist?
    ~ that Max Sherrod was one of the best known farmers in Palmer, and he was also a nurse?
    ~ that there is only one other Sherrod Elementary in the whole United States? (It's in Arlington, Texas!)
    ~ that Sherrod Elementary first opened in 1971?
    ~ that the original location is now the current Mat-Su Borough School District Administration building located behind the current school?
    ~ that the "new" Sherrod Elementary opened in 2004?
    ~ that Mark Hoffman was the longest-serving Sherrod principal to date?
    ~ that Palmer has a sister city -- Saroma, Japan?
    ~ that Palmer was started as a government project in 1935, which sent 203 families here as Colonists?
    ~ that Sherrod's mascot is the Glacier Bear?
    ~ that the original mascot was the Panther?
    ~ that there are no panthers in Alaska, and that only cougars have been sighted in our state?
Last Modified on June 19, 2020