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    With Sora, students and staff can access a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks for independent, self-directed, or teacher-assigned reading. Check out the video link, which guides you through how to get started for free!
    (Thank you to our fellow librarian, Sean Williams, of Sherrod Elementary, for the video.)

    Sora 'how-to' using set-up code MATSUAK:  Sora how-to video            Sora Overview:   Sora Overview  https://resources.overdrive.com/sora-overview/ 


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    Hi All, 

    Because more people might try to reach SLED from their homes, I wanted to remind you that most people with an Alaska based service provider won't be asked for a password. 

    If you are in Alaska and get a screen that asks you for the SLED databases ID and password you should visit 


    A patron (library customer) should fill out this form from the computer or device they cannot get into SLED from.

    We have to verify the Alaska residency of people we send passwords to, so this form asks:



    --Name of the patron's public library

    --The address of your permanent home in Alaska:* - If you don't have a street address, describe your location as best you can.

    The SLED e-mail form is monitored 8-5 Monday through Friday. 

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     Teacher for Media Arts:      Karen Denny                  Karen.Denny@matsuk12.us                  909-352-0030

       In Media Arts, we learn about traditional (print) and digital (computer)  media. Our Shaw Sundogs love their books and I am excited to share the love of reading and media with everyone.  If you have any questions about the library, media arts, keyboarding, or overdue books or bills, please feel free to stop by before or after school, call me, or send an email. 
       Missing library books? Stop by, call or email so we can work out the problem together! Or use our Amazon Shaw Library Wish List, with the link above, to purchase a book or books of equal value to your student's missing library book. Thank you for supporting our readers!


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