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    Sunday, February 16, 2020

    Summer is in full swing!



    We cannot complain about not having great weather for our summer break!  I hope all families are out in the sun, getting their needed vitamin D.  

    As you all enjoy your summer, please remember to encourage your children to continue reading, writing and doing some math.  What took them nine months to learn could be 1/3 gone if they choose not to practice what they have learned.  Right when they get up, have them read outloud, at lunch have them do a little math, then at the end of the day, have them write about what they did that day in a journal.  Keep it light, keep it fun and consider making that a family event for some downtime infused with a little learning.

    Enjoy the summer.  Be safe.  Remember that July 8th is the day all parents will be able to start registering students for the new year. By doing it earlier than later, you will get it done, allowing our school to get an early view of our student population coming in our doors.  


    Enjoy the month of July!! 

    Mrs. Cheri Mattson, Principal
    "The people who influence you are the people who believe in you."
    -Henry Drummond

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