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Department Overview:

  • Department Overview:

    We are dedicated to providing services for children age 3-21 who have been identified as requiring special education. We believe all students want to learn, and with a little extra support the path to success is wide open.


    Please contact Student Support Services at 907.746.9221 for further information.


Special Education

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    Provides specialized services to children age 3-21 who possess disabilities through employment of over 300 teachers and specialists in more than 100 special education programs.

  • Assistant Directors:

    Sandra Main


    Amy Tucker



Child Find

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    Provides screening to identify educational or physical needs which must be addressed to enable the child to fully benefit from an educational program.

Health Services

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    Maintain optimal health standards, educating school staff in understanding childhood illnesses and promoting staff health through the employment of 34 school nurses.



  • If you are still living out of state please call 907.746.9221 and ask to speak with a Resource Specialist. If you have already relocated please bring a copy of your child's IEP to Student Support Services or your enrolling school.



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