Adventures in Reading

Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow has books, games, contests and more!  It pairs with the long running television show that highlights different books

Hear great stories read by famous people

Starfall is great for reading games and mini movies.  They focus on all the different rules of reading.


Games with Word Girl, Magic School Bus, and Clifford

Online reading program

Adventures in Science

Foss Web

FOSS(FULL OPTION SCIENCE SYSTEM) This is a curriculum we use at Meadow Lakes.  Includes fun activities and games!

Science is Fun!
Science videos and experiments you can do at home.

Adventures in Spelling

Fun Brain
Fun Brain spelling game with beginner and intermediate level.


Adventures in Math

Addition Machine
...see if you can get a better score than a friend.

Give the dog a bone


Action Fraction
Race your red car! Beat your opponent to the finish line.

The Guessing Game
Guess the same number that the computer has guessed.
The number will range from 1 to 100.

Farm Stand - Go shopping at the farm stand and see if you can add up the total price!

Batter's Up Baseball (Math Game)
Can you get a Home run? How about a base hit?
Not sure about a math term? Check here.
Game room, flash cards, and homework helpers
Use this resource to create charts, pie graphs, etc.

Adventures in Writing

Writing with Arthur
Ecards, Song Books, Music Box and more
Letter Generator
Write your own letter

Lots of Adventures!

IKnowThat is all about learning skills for life, through interactive web games.  This website has games for Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade!  These are excellent games that focus on various academic skills. 

Pete's Powerpoint Station
Games and information in every subject you could think of!

Beat the Bully
The year is 2248. Krog and Snidra are the biggest bullies at Brittany Spears Memorial Junior High. You're fed up with the way they've been treating people, so in a moment of bravery, you've challenged them to a rocket race after school. In order to beat Krog and Snidra, you'll need more than speed, you'll have to show some smarts too.

Last Modified on January 16, 2016