• What is I.A.E.S.?


    I.A.E.S. Stands for "Interim Alternative Educational Setting."  This program is an option available to students in 6th through 12th grade with an IEP or a 504 plan who find themselves suspended or expelled due to infractions that are not related to their documented disabilities.  This program gives students the opportunity to continue working towards their academic and IEP goals, despite suspension.  Students are not "assigned" or required to attend this program, but are given the opportunity to meet with the program representative, with their parent or guardian, after a Manifestation Determination Meeting has been held to decide if the program is the right option for them.  The IAES representative will go over the student contract and expectations with the family, and if all parties agree to uphold the expectations of the program, a contract will be signed and the student may begin attending the program. 

    This program includes door-to-door bussing between home and school.


Last Modified on December 1, 2023