Department Overview:

  • The Federal Programs Department's goal is to maximize the impact of grant funds on student achievement through supplemental programs that align with the school board goals.

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    Programs: Below you will find an overview of each of MSBSD's progams administered by Federal Programs. For more info about each program use the links on the left.

Federal Programs Public Notice

  • Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Education: Pursuant to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C, 6301 et seq.), below is the hotline contact information of the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Education.  This is provided so that any individual who observes, detects, or suspects improper use of taxpayer funds can easily report such improper use.  ESSA, Section 9203 - HOTLINE 1-800-647-8733

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      ESEA & Title I

      English Learners

      • The EL Program is designed to support English Learners in acquiring the necessary skills to be academically successful.

      Families in Transition

      • The FIT program fulfills MSBSD’s federal requirements by ensuring students in transition have the same access to educational opportunities as other students.  By working collaboratively with all MSBSD schools, FIT promotes school stability and academic success for its students.

      AN/AI Education

      Migrant Education

      • Migrant Education prepares students for society by ensuring they have resources needed to succeed academically.

      Other Programs

      • Other Programs include additional grant funded programs offered by MSBSD.

        Title II-A


      • Preschool provides a language rich preschool classroom experience for eligible 4-year-old students.

      AK Native Science and Engineering Program

      • ANSEP Acceleration High School is a full day, full year, school-based opportunity that offers dual credit enrollment for MSBSD students at no cost.  ANSEP also offers programs for students kindergarten through graduation, for summer and school year, and throughout the state.

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