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            2020 Senior Information  

             Mr. Mark Okeson, Principal
            Mr. Okeson's Office Phone: 907-352-0402
            Office Fax: 907-352-0480
            Are you interested in receiving Mr. Okeson's weekly emails? Sign up for CTHS Community Messenger! More information about CTHS is available in the links above. Our Mission Our mission is to help students succeed in the Career Pathways that they may choose through educational experiences based on a Career Academy Model.
            OUR STORY 
            Opened in 2007, Career Tech High School is a comprehensive high school which focuses on career readiness, technical skills, and college preparedness.
            Just as college students choose a major, Tech students choose a career pathway, which means they will take pathway electives where they explore the various jobs that relate to their professions of interest.

            Students select from one of our eight pathways: Building, Business, Fitness, Human Services, Health, Natural Resources, Tourism, and Transportation. As students explore pathway careers, they can change pathways at any time, just as a college student would change majors, although without the cost.

            From bookkeeping and accounting to web design and computer networking in our business pathway, or computer drafting and pre-engineering to interior design and home construction in our building pathway, students experience practical, hands-on activities that shows them each pathway’s art and skill.
            An application school, Career Tech places a high priority on civic responsibility, professionalism, and customer service. Consequently, our students meet a high standard for both academics and behavior, a high standard that is reflected in our 98.67% graduation rate, our AdvancedEd accreditation, and our recent 5-star ASPI rating as a Highest Performing School from the Alaska Department of Education. CTHS was also awarded from the Department of Education in Washington DC the 2015 Blue Ribbon, School of Excellence, award.

            Career Tech does not offer sports (although students can participate in sports at their home high schools), or other common popular electives; our electives revolve around career exploration and employability.

            Mat-Su Career & Technical High School
                                        Blue Ribbon School
             2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
            Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow Interested in MatSu Career & Technical High School?
            Career Tech is about helping young people figure out what they want to do after high school while they are still in high school. To help students make these decisions, we base our courses, as much as possible, on industry standards. We are continually asking our business partners what they want to see our students familiar with and fluent in—and our curriculum responds very quickly to such industry advice.


            cths grad

                        All streamed events can be found at the following locations:
            Matsutv.com (preferred)

            Search by your school name or Mat Su Schools Graduation on vimeo.com

                        The live stream will be provided free at the time of the event and a short while after.  After a few days each graduation video will be sold for $20 for lifetime streaming or downloading.


          CTHS Announcements


            BPA NLC 2019 in Anaheim, CA

            This year’s Business Professionals of America’s (BPA) National Leadership Conference was held in Anaheim, California on May 1-5, 2019. The Alaska Association of BPA was represented by chapter members from the following chapters:

            • Alaska Statewide Post-Secondary Chapter
            • Delta High Chapter
            • Mat Su Career and Tech High Chapter
            • Unalaska High Chapter

            The conference theme was Together, We Create.

            A press release was published prior to the conference. Here is the link to the press release:

            Press Release

            The following members participated in the conference:

            • Shannon Hill, CTHS BPA chapter member
            • Landon McDowell, CTHS BPA chapter member
            • Robert Molina, CTHS BPA chapter member
            • Amy Riddle, CTHS chapter advisor, Alaska Statewide Post-Secondary chapter advisor and Alaska Association State Advisor
            • Engen Sundberg, former CTHS BPA member and current member of the Alaska Statewide Post-Secondary chapter
            • Samantha Walsh, former CTHS BPA chapter member and current CTHS chapter co-advisor

            Results and more information is available here:

            Alaska Association 2019 National Leadership Conference Awards and Information

            Workplace Skills Assessment Program Results

            BPA NLC 2019


            Alaska Association Star on Walk of Fame at BPA NLC 2019


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          • CTHS Addition Information

            McCool Carlson Green worked collaboratively with the school Building Design Committee to refine the spatial needs and develop a range of design options to add 33,000 square feet of building to the existing Career & Technical High School. CTE Programs of Studies (CTEPS) Each Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway offers career-minded students an opportunity to explore and prepare for a career. Career and Technical Education Programs of Studies (CTEPS) provide suggested courses to take in high school. Students and parents can use these CTEPS to guide their decision making about what courses to take in high school. 

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          • dollars for scholars   
            Heading off to college soon?  The national average for college tuition is 13% higher in 2016 than it was 5 years ago. Follow the link below for a comprehensive list of scholarships and financial aid for students who wish to continue their education after high school.
            Click HERE for more details.
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