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    Mediation Techniques

    A mediator's role is to listen and facilitate a discussion between the disputants. It is important for the disputants to be able to share and hear both viewpoints without interruption. This process facilitates communication between both parties.

    1. One disputant shares his side of the story.
    2. The mediator paraphrases this viewpoint and asks clarifying questions if necessary.
    3. The other disputant shares his side of the story.
    4. The mediator paraphrases this second viewpoint again asking clarifying questions if necessary.
    5. The mediator asks both disputants to come up with as many possible solutions to the problem as they can.
    6. The disputants agree to one of the solutions.

    ***Remember: It is not necessary for the disputants to agree upon exactly what happened to cause the problem. However, the solution must be mutually agreed upon.


    Before mediation begins:

    • Calm Down
    • Agree on rules (not to interrupt, take turns, work toward a solution)

    Mediation Tips for the Disputants:

    • Attack the problem, not the person
    • Take responsibility for your actions

    No Fouls!

    • Making excuses
    • Name calling
    • Bringing up the past
Last Modified on March 1, 2016