• hyway
    Traveling down a seemingly solitary road we find ourselves meeting new and wonderful people who enrich our lives in ways we never dreamed.
    My husband Ron and I have raised 5 wonderful young people, all here in the MSBSD.  Their middle school years were as varied
    as each of them are. 
    As they have left home they've all thrived partly due to the variety of experiences they gained by being involved in numerous activities provided by their Middle School. 
    The road your child travels will be trod by many travelers, all looking for meaningful and wonderful experiences that enrich the wholeness of all.
    My son nathan
    The young man front and center is my 4th son, Nathan.  During his initial navigation into Middle school, he quickly learned to stay organized by completing daily homework.  He developed a work ethic that earned him a Football/Academic Scholarship at Southern Oregon Univ.  This was quite an accomplishment for Nathan as he struggled greatly with Reading Comprehension.   Remember, always ask for help as you are not the only traveler on the road, although sometimes you may feel like you are.  I am always here to answer your questions!  Please feel free to ask questions as all questions that support and promote your learning are important. 
Last Modified on September 11, 2020