• Online Database FAQ


    What is an online database?

    Online databases are resources that are consolidated at one location, are searchable, can be focused on one topic, (i.e. American History) and usually are not free.  These resources can include magazine and journal articles, reference books, primary sources, transcripts of television and radio, encyclopedias, and custom resources developed on specific topics. 


    Why use an online database?

    Online databases offer students and teachers quick, easy and safe access to information.  Search strategies and techniques can be learned within a controlled environment, and applied to searching on the free Internet.  Many databases offer support materials for students and teachers to develop study skills, resource documentation, and developing critical thinking.


    How will this affect my teaching?

    Teachers will need to be familiar with the material and resources available on the databases in order to plan how they will be used with students.  Inquiry based projects requiring analysis, contrast comparison, opinion or other product requiring transformation of information produce the most successful results.


    How will I learn how to do all of this?

    Professional development will be offered for teachers and librarians on using the databases, preparing units that teach the research process, minimize on plagiarism and utilize primary sources, data and other information.


    How will students and staff get access?

    The district will be creating a District Library Resources Website to help facilitate access from all schools and for home use.  Each school can also create links to resources on their school websites.  Some access will be automatic and others may require a password.  All home access will require passwords.  Call 1.800.440.2919 at any time to receive passwords for state databases.


Last Modified on May 9, 2016