• Donate Gently Used Clothing for Students in Need


    Why we are doing this: Colony Middle School students are in need of gently used clothing, our Peer Helpers have decided to start gathering clothing from our students. We have a room in which students in need may go if they need clothing. We are hoping that this program will stay Colony Middle School year after year.


    What we need:

    ·         Hats

    ·         Sweatshirts

    ·         Winter Clothing

    ·         Tee shirts

    ·         School supplies
    ·         Gym Clothing

    -We would appreciate nicer clothing, no rips or holes please (must also be appropriate for school.)

    -We are only looking for clothing for middle school ages. No children's clothing please.

    How to donate:


    ·         Collect clothes from your home that are too small or that you no longer need(want) and bring them to the front office at Colony Middle School in a bag.

Last Modified on February 22, 2018