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    Teens Against Tobacco Use


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    State of Alaska

    Department of Health and Social Services


    The K-12 Tobacco Prevention Grant support the goal areas of the Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control (TPC) Program:

    ·         Prevent the initiation of tobacco use among youth

    ·         Promote quitting among adults and youth

    ·         Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke

    ·         Identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities among specific population groups


     Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU)


    Middle and High School students are encouraged to join their school’s TATU club to help educate their peers on the harmful effects of tobacco products.  TATU members work in elementary schools, health fairs, and other community events.  If you would like to join and your school does not have an established TATU club, please contact Melissa Mudd (melissa.mudd@matsuk12.us) for more information.

    TATU Club Advisor Duties:
    * Host a club meeting at least once a month
    * Host a station/booth at each Parent-Teacher conference night
    * Host a station/booth during a home sporting event, band concert, family fun night or other activity once per quarter
    * Host a school site activity of choice once per semester for the student body (ie: assembly, demonstration/skit to health class)
    * Attend one community event per year (Avalanche game, CHS holiday bazaar, WHS gun show, Homebuilders Show, Health Fair, etc.)
    * Share Public Service Announcements (examples provided) to be played during school announcements, home sporting events, play performances, and feeder elementary school daily announcements
    * Create separate TATU website with links on school homepage under Clubs and/or Activities
    * Install (and update by changing flyers every 2 weeks) "Bathroom Stall Letter" holders on backs of bathroom stalls.
    * Display tobacco free campus messages at school events where and when feasible, information and/or articles in school newspapers, parent bulletins, etc.



    Alternative to Suspension: Tobacco Education Course


    During the 2009/2010 school year, over 270 days of out-of-school suspensions due to tobacco use were served by middle and high school students, which is equivalent to 1.5 years of learning time lost.  In the spring of 2011, Palmer High school will be piloting an alternative to suspension course (TEG) which will allow students to attend a Saturday school class on the harmful effects of tobacco use.  If a student successfully completes the Saturday school, the 3-day out of school suspension will be waived.  Students will be encouraged to attend a cessation course (TAP) if they wish to quit.


    Cessation Course: TAP (Tobacco Awareness Program)


    TAP is a program developed to assist teens with their tobacco cessation goals.  The 8-session course is optional and allows students to attend a safe, confidential environment while battling their addiction to nicotine.  A pilot cessation course will be offered at Valley Pathways starting in February 2011.  Please contact Melissa Mudd (melissa.mudd@matsuk12.us) for more information. 



    Community Links:


    Alaska Family Services, Tobacco Prevention & Control   http://akafs.org/


    Breathe Free Mat-Su   http://breathefreematsu.org/ 


    Mat-Su Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition   http://unitedwaymatsu.org/ourwork/mssapc/index.php

    Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control Program   http://www.hss.state.ak.us/dph/chronic/tobacco/ 


    Alaska Quit Line    http://alaskaquitline.com/
    Quit Line