• 7th Grade Science Course Syllabus

    Colony Middle School


    Mr. Talcott                                                                                                                                  

    Room 227



    In seventh grade science, students will learn concepts relating to genetics, heredity, cells,  body systems, life on earth, diversity of species, ecosystems, ecology and environmental science, as well as, understanding the scientific  method, proper use of laboratory equipment, how to gather data, communicate results, and formulate conclusions.





    A.    Respect for peers, teachers, school property and self is to be shown at all times.

    B.     Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility by being on time and being prepared for class each day.


    II.                DAILY ASSIGNMENTS


    Daily work consists of individual, group work and class exercises.

    A.    Daily assignments will be given and are due at the end of class.  Any student needing more time to complete daily work may take it home and return it the following day unless otherwise indicated. Students are expected to copy daily assignments into their agenda.

    B.     Group work will be evaluated based on actual assignment as well as ability to cooperate and contribute to the group.

    C.     Class work should be filed in your notebook for future reference.

    D.    All assignments must be submitted prior to the chapter assessment.  Staying caught up is in your best interest!



    III.             GRADING SYSTEM


    Daily assignments will be worth 25% of your overall grade.  Assessments (which may include projects, tests, and quizzes) are worth 70%.  Punctuality/Preparedness is worth 5%.  One point each will be awarded each day for coming to class on time and being prepared, this means having your binder, textbook, homework and a pencil. 


    IV.             REQUIRED MATERIALS


    A.    3-ring binder (1-2 inch), loose leaf paper, dividers and pencil pouch.  Your binder may also include other class materials (ie, math or  language stuff), but it must have a special section for science.
    B.     Pencils/Erasers.





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