CMS Guitar Class


    Guitar Class: This music class is for students who play guitar (electric or acoustic) or electric bass. 

    The class will be divided by ability levels and students will be working in groups to work on pieces

    of music to perform.  Students will be working on proper technique, learn to read traditional music notation and TAB notation (chord symbols) and work in a team setting.  Performances will be in class and possibly for other classes in our school. 
    This Class is being offered during 3rd quarter Connection period.  Student's can sign up for it during Connection sign up time for the 3rd quarter. 
    Students need to have their own guitar/bass (and equipment, like picks, cables and amps) to be in this class.  Students will be broken into groups based on abilities and will work in group settings.   There are in class performances throughout the quarter. 
    Click here to get a 2020 Guitar Class Syllabus
    Rock On!!!
Last Modified on June 8, 2019