CMS Band Syllabus                     Tuba Player


    Instructor: Mr. Toby Lambert-761-1517       


    Class Meets: Monday to Friday  (note: this is subject to change with schedule still in progress).


    Materials for class:

                1. Instrument (with all accessories)

                2. Folder with music (New book needed by August 28, 2020)

                            6th band: Traditions of Excellence Book 1 and 2 (red & blue books)

                            7th-8th band: Traditions of Excellence Book  3, (green books) and Tone and Technique

                3. Pencil


    Using a School instrument:

                If you need to rent a school instrument, it will be $80.00 and sign a contract.  The money

    will be used to maintain the instrument.  The school own mostly large instruments. For

    Percussionist, there will be $30.00 fee to help pay for basic up keep.


    Classroom expectations:

                No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety or well being of others.                 Students will be treated respectfully, firmly, and fairly

                Other class procedures that will be expected are:

                1. No gum, food or drink in the classroom.

                2. Do not play other people’s instruments (many serious diseases such as

    mono, colds, flu, and pneumonia can be passed between people through   sharing instruments, even if the instrument has not been used in days).

                Consequences will be the step system of “Knights Code of Conduct”

                            1.Stand away from group                   2. Stand away from group (with warning)

                            3. Report to SRC Rm (follow that procedure)     4. Referral to Office


    Grading system:

                Grades are based on:

                            -Attendance-50 pts of 100 Points a week

                            -Performance ability-50 pts of 100 Points a week

                            -Auditions-100 Points

                            -Practice Charts-35 Points each

                            -Additional activities-50-100 Points each

                            -Concert Grade-250 pts


    Attendance: You are required to be in class, on time with all of the materials needed except in

    excused absences (an excused absent is family emergency, sickness, school activities,

    approved family trip (with a letter from a parent)).  If you are late to class without a pass

    in hand, you will not earn attendance grade (10pts per day). You are to be at all concerts

    (no excuses).  Failure to attend concerts will result in not earning your concert

    points (student will be having to make-up the concert).  If they do not complete

    the make-up concert, they will not be remaining with the group after the quarter

    is over.  Remember, music is a performance and it requires everyone to make it happen.  


    Forget your instrument/music:  I combine performance ability with attendance for a weekly

    grade worth 100 Points.  If you forget to bring your instrument or music, I mark

    that as a no instrument day (you need to make a phone call home).  You will not
                be able to earn your participation points
    for the day (10 pts).  If you forget your
                instrument/music 3 times during the quarter, you will be choosing to have a SRC with
                me.  So remember your instrument.


    Performance ability:  I realize that each of you play and understand music at different

    levels.  I am looking for  improvement in your own playing based on your own

    technical and musical ability.  If you show interest, dedication (including

    practicing), and are always giving 100% effort, you will earn an A in this category. 

    You will be doing two auditions a year for a grade as well (one for each semester)


    Practice charts: Practice charts are due weekly (filled out properly, or you will                              not receive any pts.).  They are worth up to 35 pts (5 pts for every 20                                   minutes of practice).  In other words:

                            0-19 min-5pts,     20-39 min-10pts,     40-59 min-15pts,     60-79 min-20pts

                            80-99 min-25pts    100-119 min- 30pts    120+min-35pts


    NOTE:            no practice charts are grade if turned in after the final due day (normally last day of the quarter at 2:30PM).  Yes, I don’t take them after 2:30 PM.-Check my website or newsletter for final turn in time. Additional activities: These are the following items that you will be doing:

                            -Auditions Playing Test                   -Worksheets               -Projects         -Tests


    Extra Credit: With each extra credit, you must see me for instruction on your                               project (you can also propose additional projects).

                                        -Attending professional concerts (with program).

                                        -Helping out around the classroom.

                                        -Performing community service (ie. playing for a nursing home).

                                        -Research a musical topic and give a presentation.

                            Each extra credit is worth 25 points each.


    Concert requirements:

    Concert dates are listed on the following sheet.  All concerts are required because they are the “tests” for this class (like a test for any other class) (see “Attendance”).  Concerts will be grade as well (besides an Attendance grade) in the following method (out of 250 pts):

                                        1. Attendance  (showing up, getting there in time): 50 pts

                                        2. Dress (black and white): 50 pts

                                        3. Posture and stage presents: 50 pts

                                        4. Warming up (being there and warming-up): 50 pts

                                        5. Listening to other performance group: 50 pts


    Passes: There will be no passes to a classroom for regular class help.  If you need to 
                  stay in the classroom, you will have to bring a pass from the teacher at the                 
                beginning of the class.  No pass, no go!  Please note,  I have the right not

    approve a pass to another class (even with a note from a teacher) if you have

    not keeping up in class.


    As for emergency passes (for things like using the restroom), you will be given
    4 passes for each quarter (when they are used up, there are no more till the next quarter). 
                You will be require to sign out before using the classroom pass.  
    Note of Caution: The CMS instrument storage area is for CMS Music students, only. Students may use the space, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students take their instruments home at night instead of leaving them in the room.  CMS is NOT responsible for lost or stole items.  As parents, you need to make sure you have the serial number and model number of your  child’s instrument for your personal insurance information. 

    NOTE: There is an additional signature area for this 2020-2021 school year.  It is the online info for this class.  Please make sure you sign that as well.

    Click here for 2020-2021 Band Syllabus


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