• Colony MS Musical (with Drama Department)


    Colony MS spring play has not been picked yet.  Lambert will be working on that over the month of December.  Next year's musical will be announced in the spring.
    Here is Moana info that we just did.  
    Colony MS drama music are proud to present: "Disney's Moana Jr."  
    Moana Jr.
    Nov. 5 (7PM) and Nov. 6 (2PM) are back on.  We are aiming
    Nov. 5 (7PM-live and streamed)
    Nov. 6 (2PM-live and streamed)
     and possibly Nov. 6 (7PM-live only)



    Note: If CMS is on “Yellow” status, performances will be Live Streamed only.

    If CMS is on Red status performances will not be held. 
    All dates need to be flexible due to the district changing the schedule for school year.  

    Moana Jr.:

    What is Disney’s Moana Jr?  This is a musical (singing and speaking) based on Disney movie.  After we learn about the creation story of the Heart of Te Fiti, we meet Moana, her father Chief Tui, her Mother Sina, Gramma Tala, Pua and Hei Hei.  Moana is being prepared to become the chief after her father, but due to the change in the island of Motunui, Moana is told by Gramma Tala to seek Maui and to return the Heart to Te Fiti.  She leave (against her father’s wishes) and finds Maui.  But Maui is not interested in going without his hook.  So, the two of them go to the realm of monsters to confront Tamatoa to get the hook.  With a crazy plan, the get the hook and head to Te Fiti only to run into Te Ka.  After 2 attempts, Moana succeeds in returning the heart to Te Ka who turns back into Te Fiti.  With that, the oceans are returned back to balance, Maui gets a new hook and Moana returns home to start to the process of re-teaching her people to sail. The show is a combination of the movie  and some of the outtake material from the film..


    Our Cast For Moana Jr. :

    Moana-Sarah Alvarado

    Maui-Flint Burton

    Chief Tui-Tysen Kelly

    Sina-Kendall Cecil

    Grandma Tala-Addyson Johnston

    Tamatoa-Kenadie Christensen

    Ancestor 1-Seth Wargo

    Ancestor 2-Paxton Logan

    Ancestor 3-Ellie Walls

    Pua-Emmett Epley

    Hei Hei-Mathias Marvin

    Tifi/Taka-Lana Holland

    Ocean Chorus: Christine Mackreth, Lyric Van Bibber, Anelyn Holland, Daphney Aguliar

    Villagers: MacKenzie Burton, Bretton Lyons, Xylor Havis, Danarra Marvin (also Taka in scene 1)




    AUDITIONS:  Aug. 24, 2021 in the Band Room. 

    Here are the rules:

    1. Come to a mandatory practice on Aug 20 and 23: 2:30-4:00 PM to get the audition stuff and work through it.
    2. Sign up with Mr. Lambert for an audition time
    3. There is a song/dialogue singing/readings. You need to prepare all of them and be able to play all the characters (including the girls playing guy parts and vise versa).
    4. We will be spending 30 minutes learning a choreograph from the show to be used in the audition.
    5. Possible side dialogue for a couple main characters will be used.
    6. Auditions will be on Aug. 24 after school. The cast will be posted that night.  Rehearsals start Aug. 25 from 2:30-5PM in the CMS bandroom

    Characters for the musical are: (Key: D=Dialogue, C=Chorus singing, S=Solo singing)

    Moana (D,C,S)                                                            Chief Tui (D,C,S)

    Sina (D,C,S)                                                               Maui (D,C,S)

    Gramma Tala (S, D,C)                                               Tamatoa (D,C,S)

    Pua (D,C,S)                                                                 Hei Hei (D, C,S)        

    Chief Ancestor 1 (D,C,S)                                           Chief Ancestor 2 (D,C,S)

    Chief Ancestor 2 (D,C,S)                                           Left Claw (D,C,S)

    Right Claw (D,C,S)                                                    Ocean Chorus (D, C, S)         

    Villager Chorus (villager, Maui’s chorus, Monsters) (D,C,S)


    This info below here is from 2020-2021 Moana show.  Parents can use this as a reference to how CMS schedule their practices.   
    Click Here for Moana Audition Info
    Click Here for Moana Jr. Show Contract
    To help with the audition, here is the "language practice guide" for the Tokelauan words for "#36, Know Who you are.   Tokelauan lyrics for Moana audition
    See you then!
    Here is the rehearsal schedule for "Moana Jr. "  (updated on 8/12)
    If you are interested in stage crew (sets, props, lights, audio, ushering) or just have questions about the musical, please talk to Mr. Lambert.  His email is tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us
    Here are some pictures from Moana Jr.  
      Your Welcome                                             TaKa
    Put your hands up.   Put                                        I am having a bad hair day.
    hands down. Now shake them
    all around.
    Moana                                       Monsters
    Boy it is dark out here.  Where                             I am pretty, so, so pretty.
    are the lights.  Hey not that 
    Here are some pictures from A Thor and Loki Play
    Odin and daughters                                  Volstag down
    I can't see.  Oh, that is my                               I found the candy.  Mum. 
    good eye.                                                       Good.
    School                                 Rocks falling
    And that is the way you make                         Rocks keep falling on my head
    bilateral temporal displacement                       But that doesn't mean my eyes
    field with augmented brain power.                   will soon be turning red.
    Here are some pictures from When Cupid came to Earl's Court
    Earl's Court 1                                 Earl's Court 2
    Cards can cause WARRRR!!                            Everyone is Happy!!!
    Earl's Court 3                             Earls Court 4
    We are all frozen in time.                            Don't you love the back ground
                                                                    sets.  They look great.
    Here are some pictures from Almost History: That Space Time Continum Thing play.
    Almost History 1                                           Almost History 2
    History on Zoom                                             Where are we?
    Almost History 3                                        Almost History 4
    Who are you going to                                    We have some wooden
    call?  History busters!                                    actors.
    Here are some pictures from Frozen Jr.
    Young Elsa/Anna                                               Snow Chorus
    Look at the pretty birds.                                     Hold, Two, Three, Four...
    4 characters                                              Olaf
    We are all together.                                          Olaf loves warm hugs.
    Elsa                                             Oaken  
    Let it Go for real.                                            Oaken is a great place to 
                                                                         visit.  Please come!
    Weslton                                            Frozen
    The Weasel is out!!!                                        Hot chocolate please?!
    Here are some pictures from The Super Non-Hero Play.
    Hero 1                                                  Hero 2
    He can't see me!!!!                                               So is it burgers or chicken?  I am 
    Hero 3                                                 Hero 4
    Thank you.  Thank you                                        Who are you going to call?
    very much.                                                         Captain Chipmunk.
    Hero 4                                                   Hero 6
    So, what is the plan for                                          Yes, I am out of breath.  I need
    tonight?                                                                more exercise.
    Hero 7                                                   Hero 8
    Freezing is so hard to do.                                       I am the best and you all 
                                                                               know it.
    Here are some pictures from Once On This Island Musical
    Island 1                                                    Island 3
    Hey look.  A Bug!!!                                                There is a grape from lunch.
    Island 2                                                     Island 4
    Put your right toe in.                                               Halloween is only 3 days a way.
    Island 5                                                     Island 6
    I just got my drivers permit.                                    There was water.  Thanks Agwa!
    I am a professional driver.
    Island 7                                                      Island 8
    It only cost $3.  Can we get                                     Everyone is looking at me!
    it?  Please!?
    Here are some pictures from A Evening at the Forum: Greek and Roman Short Plays
    Electra                                                       Pot of Gold
    5 minute break-lets talk                                             I can get the gold as well!!
    our hair.
    Cooks                                                      Death Scene
    I love to cook but I                                                   Death scenes are so
    hate the clean up!                                                    relaxing.
    Here are some pictures from The Addams Family
    Make-up                                                 Dancing
    More make-up?!?                                                 I am pretty, oh so 
    NO!!!!!                                                                pretty.  I am an Addam.
    Regamortis                                                Ohioians
    Everyone FREEZE!!!                                            Look it is a, a, a?  I 
                                                                             don't know what I am
                                                                             looking at.
    fester                                               Dinner Time
    They are all at my                                              Dinnertime!  Yes!
    command.  Go my 
    minions, do my bidding.
    Scared                                            Tango
    Peek-a-boo!  I scared                                      The Addams theme music
    you!                                                              goes like this.  And it is easier
                                                                        to perform without flowers.
    Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear to the 
    Here are some pictures from Trazan (CHS/CMS productions)
    Tarzan cast                                             Terk/Tarzan
    Full Cast-Just taking a break.                                  Worm, see, good!
    Jane/Gorillas                                                Tarzan/Jane
    Where do you shop for your cloths?                           Don't you like my hair?
    Here are some pictures from Lion King Jr. production:
            Scar                                             Zazu
     I am so pretty, oh so pretty.                                        Boy, this bird is weird.  Can we leave?
           Lioness                                             Hyenas
      It is the eye of the tiger (or something                    Drill practice for ROTC-hyena style.
       like that).
         Mufasa                                                Wildabeast
     I am taller than Simba. YES!!!                                  Are we scare or funny?  I can't see.
         Pumba/Timon                                                  Nala
     In the jungle, the mighty jungle.                                   Break time.  YES, cat nap.
    And we are lost in the jungle. 
        Simba/Nala                                                Rafiki
     I see a very bright light.                                           What are we trying to do?
        Group                                           Hyenas
     We are all just standing here.  Isn't this                    Birds sandwich.   Yum, yum.
    Here are some pictures from Sound of Music production:
                   Maria and Mountains                                          Nuns
            Maria and the Mountains.  What an                                 Nuns on Parade. 
            iconic look at this show.
                   Food party                                         Rolf/Liesl
                  Food Fight!  Yes we are                                        What a beautiful evening.
                 Dancing Goat                                        Tea for 3
                The dancing Goat and Pink                                 Captain, Max and Elsa-Tea
                Girl.  What a great idea.                                      for Three.
     Here are some pictures from past years shows.
    From our 2014-2015 show "Beauty and the Beast Jr."
    Maurice and Beast                                      Gaston
    He is just looking at me.  Does                                                  I am the Man!!!!
    my hair look right.                                                                                             
    Bad Tango                                   Castle people
    And a one, two three, turn.                                                Don't we all look sooo great.
    Potts/Chip                               Friends
    Tea and cookies.  What a                                         I am simply taller than you.
    Treat for me.                                                                                  
    from our 2013-2014 "R&H Cinderella" show
    Shopping                               King enters
                  Look!  I have found the most useless                                    I am the King!
                          gift I could buy.
    Dancing with food                                  Cinderella and Godmother
                        Mom always said "Don't                                          Cinderella and Godmother-
                        play with your food."                                                    a moment of rest. 
    from our 2012-2013 "Little Mermaid" Show
    AllanaAttinaAdrinatalking                CarlottacalmsArieldown
                                  Attina and Allana talk with              Ariel cries in Carlotta's arms as                   
                               Adrina and Adella behind them.          the other princess laugh at her.
    EricchoosesAriel             Tritonandhiscourt
                                  Eric chooses Ariel over the            King Triton leads his court with
                                  other princesses.                          Sebastain and the Sea Horse.
    TritonentersArielsgrotto             SebastainleadsKisstheGirl
                                  King Triton enters Ariel's grotto      Sebastian leads the lagoon
                                  and finds lots of Human Stuff.         animals in Kiss the Girl.
    From the 2011-2012 show of "Honk Jr".
               Drake                 Lunch time with Cat  
               Drake comes out to start his, well, day.                    Can we have lunch?-Ugly
                                                                                                                  Of course.-Cat
                 Ida crying                     Cast in motion
                               Ida is crying over the lost                                      All our characters are in motions.
                              of her son in the snow.
    Here are photos from our 2010 production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr" .  Enjoy.
            Opening Number                             Millie/Jimmy meet
          Opening number with dancing.                           Millie meets Jimmy in NYC.
          It is the 1920's.  "Boh doh dee oh!"                    Life can be tough when you are
                                                                                   new to the big city.
          Evil Meers/Helpers                                Night on the Town      
         Evil Mrs. Meers has Bun Foo                               Our Priscilla Girls are ready for 
         and Ching Ho working for her.                              a night on the town. 
         In Jail                                   Dorothy/Millie
         Locked in jail.  That what you                                Dorothy offers to help Millie.
         when you do something wrong.                              Good friends always help each 
           Graydon/Flannery                                 Cast dancing
          Mr. Graydon always has help                                Strike a pose!  Most of our
          from his administrative assistant,                                "Millie" cast is dancing.
          Miss Flannery.
    Here are some production pictures from our rehearsal of our 2009 Show "Into the Woods" .  Enjoy.
    Jack's Mom talking to Jack                                       Narrator Reads
    Jack's Mom tell Jack to sell Milky                             The Narrator tells the story of
    White at the market so they have                                "Into the Woods".
    money to buy food.
    Wolf and Red                                      Rapunzel waits
    The Wolf has gets to know                                   Rapunzel waits on her tower for
    Red Ridinghood and her                                       for her Prince to rescue her.
    basket of goodies.  Yum!                                     Stage crew has not finished the
                                                                               tower yet.
    Killing the Wolf                                     Baker's Wife/Cinderella/Milky White
    Granny (in this case, our                                      The Baker's Wife meets
    Narrator for this rehearsal) is                               Cinderella with Milky White
    beating up the Wolf for eating                              following along.
    her and Red.
    Cinderella meets up with the
    ghost of her Mother at the
    magic tree.
    Here are some production pictures from our first year's show-"Alice in Wonderland".  Enjoy.
    Cheshire Cat               Doodo Bird and Crew
    Cheshire Cat is always in 3rd's.          Commander Dodo Bird director
    Head, Body and Tail.                           his faithful Lobster crew.
    Tweedles and Alice             Flowers and Alice
                       Alice tries to help                        Alice is trying to fit with                  
               Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.      those wonderful Flowers.                     
                      Good Luck!
    Mad Hatter, March Hare         
    Mad Hatter and March Hare drive Alice "nuts".
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