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    The mission of the Colony Middle School Music Booster Club is to promote parent interaction with the music program and to support it enthusiastically for the growth and benefit of our students.

    Purpose of CMS Music Boosters is to:

                1. Help with supporting music at CMS (morally, financially and socially).

                2. Provide parents an organized way of giving input into the activities, events and funding for                  the music department.

                3. Provides a link  of communication between parents, students and Mr.Lambert for improving
                    the CMS Music Department.

                4. Create and promote music activities for and to the public.

                5. Provide a communication link between CMS Music Department, CMS School and other
                    organizations in the public (school board, borough assembly, PTA, etc...).


    Executive Board of  2020-2021 CMS Music Boosters:        

                President: _____________ (We need to fill this soon)

                Vice President:  Mr. Jeff Krzypkowski

                Secretary: _______________ (We need to fill this soon)

                Treasurer: Mrs. Angela Marshall

                Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Michelle Krzypkowski


     NOTE: Due to the school closure in the spring, we never got a chance to find new officers and vote them in.  We need to do this ASAP.   If you can volunteer, please email me.


    Goals:  Continue to raise funds for new instruments (hand bells), music and equipment,
             promote arts in the Valley, raise funds for music camp scholarships, work to connect ourselves
             to the school.


    Activities are: Valley Festival of the Arts, Awards Banquet Night, Holiday Auction, Help with music
                 events (such as talent show, basketball games (pep band), Masquerade Ball, Fundraising
                 (ice cream sales, socials, etc).  We are going to be focusing on the Auditorium proposal this 



    Contact info:

                Colony Middle School Music Boosters, Inc.:

                9250 E. Bogard Road

                Palmer, Alaska  99645



    Dates of meetings: All meetings are at CMS Band Room starting at 7:00 PM (Mostly
               on Tuesday and Thursday) -Aug. 24 (Monday)  
    (General Membership
               Meeting), Oct. 1  Nov. 3 (PD Day)  Jan. 7  Feb. 9  Mar. 2  Apr. 1   May 4 


    The CMS Scholarship Program is on.  We have over $500.00 so far for this year to award to students who would like to attend a summer music camp.  Please go to Scholarship page.
    If you want more news, go to the CMS Music Monthly Newsletter.                                                                                                                                       

    Mission Statement

    Promote parent interaction with the music program

     and to support it enthusiastically for the  growth and benefit of our students.


    Here is a tentative agenda for the Aug. 19, 2019: Open House Agenda


    Minutes for the Aug. 1, 2019 Colony Middle School Music booster executive transition meeting


    Present and current board members for the 2019-2020 School year  This board was elected at the May 13, 2019 music awards banquet.  There where 17 votes casted with each member receiving all 17 votes for their position.:


    President: Mrs. Sherry Matthews

    Vice President: Mr. Jeff Krzypkowski

    Secretary: Mrs. Cathleen Eldridge

    Treasurer: Mrs. Angela Marshall

    Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Michelle Krzypkowski

    Colony Middle Music Teacher: Mr. Tobias Lambert


    Meeting Called at 7:00 PM by Mr. Lambert


    Agenda for the Meeting:

    Aug.1, 2019 meeting


    1. Forms: (These forms have been printed and added to student music packs.)
      1. Ad for Booster meeting (This ad was sent out in June and approved.)
      2. Booster updated info sheet for parents (This info was sent out in June and approved.)
    2. Calendar:
      1. 25, 2019-Combine concert/silent auction (We are still going to do this. We will be looking for help on it as we get into October.  Mrs. Matthews asked if we had “Thank you” letter for tax write off to businesses and Mr. Lambert confirmed it.  Mr. Lambert also has info flyer that can go out to try to get businesses to donate.)
      2. Talent Show-Dec. 18 (Help maybe needed but normally the event is small enough to run itself.)
      3. Booster Dates (We are alternating with having our monthly meetings on Monday’s and Thursday’s. The idea is to not lock it in for people who have an event every Monday or Thursday.)
      4. Solo/Ensemble-Feb. 29 ( Lambert talked to Mrs. Marshall, the new treasurer about what is needed. We have to write checks to our judges and purchase more award ribbons.)
    • Trips:
      1. Main tour to Tri-Valley/Denali/Trapper Creek (This trip is in November or December and it will have a large combine concert with CMS, all the Denali Borough schools and Nenana school. We have to leave early.)
      2. Jazz trip: Possibly Base Camp: April or May ( Lambert explained this trip is a great event for jazz students. We will be flying to Base camp to perform for hikers.  Students will have a late afternoon practice with training on mountain safety.  They will also visit the Denali NP office in Talkeetna to get addition training from park service rangers.   Mrs. Matthews has a contact of a person who can help with training.  Mr. and Mrs. Krzypkowski would like to chaperone.  Cost is mostly airline and bus fees.)
    1. Activities:
      1. Scholarship $-VFA (We all agreed (6 votes, no objections) to work on Valley Festival of the Arts-VFA.), Concession from Chess Tournament (We all agreed (6 votes, no objections) to do this as well), what is the plan.)
      2. Masquerade Ball-March 20th- for Trinidad trip/NYC trip (No theme yet.)
      3. Banquet: May 11th. (We need to improve our clean up situation on this this year.  Not enough help.   We also need to purchase awards for the event.)
      4. Halloween Social-Oct. 25-Jazz trip trip (We need help for this.)
      5. Auditorium-? (We talked about this. At this stage, due to state and district money concerns, we are not pursuing it.  Matthews asked for a cost on the project and Mr. Lambert said it was about $150 per sq. foot with the venue being about 56,000 sq. feet.  It was to included about 1500-2000 seats with two levels at least for seating.  Stage was to be a little larger than the Glenn Massey.
      6. Something else to get people involved/NEW OFFICERS (Not much was discussed about this.)
    2. Items needed
      1. Money for trips (Concert, Jazz trip)
      2. Repair fund ( Marshall brought the check book so that Mr. Lambert could write a check for Matanuska Music for $1139.00 for instrument repairs.)
    3. Fundraising:
      1. Ice cream stuff (still doing)
      2. Holiday auction (still doing)
      3. Talent Show-Dec 18 (still doing)
      4. Concessions for Chess tournament (still doing)


    Additional item talked about that are not necessarily on the agenda.

    1. Matthews has help with Air Force members that would like to volunteer for events. She suggested that the honor festival event would be a great way of getting help to move equipment into a trailer (that her family has) and move the equipment to Colony High School. 
    2. Eldridge is willing to talk briefly at the Aug. 19 Music Open House meeting to encourage people to help out.
    3. Matthews and Mr. Krypkowski shared their idea to organize help with event. Mr. Lambert will print sign up forms for the meeting and Mrs. Matthews will place them in an electronic format for the board to use to communicate to families.  
    4. We are going to try to do a bake sale for the October Borough Elections. We will need bake goods.
    5. Eldridge and Mr. Lambert explained Valley Festival of the Arts (VFA) to the other board members.   This event showcased local artists and talent from our community to teach people more about arts and to experience new arts.   It is a chance for artist to provide info about their talent or classes.  Nothing can be sold (like a craft fair).  Colony MS music boosters charges an entrance fee ($3.00 per person or $8.00 for a family).   We also sell concessions.  
    6. Matthews suggested an idea for fundraising is to have a craft bazaar event. We have done this before but it has been several years.   Last time we canceled it due to not having enough vendors. 
    7. Scholarship still has some money left over. Marshall and Mrs. Eldridge had their children attend the Sitka Fine Arts camp and they students loved it.  Two other CMS students joined them.   We gave out about $1700.00 to help these students out.  


    Next Meeting: Aug. 19, 2019 at 7PM in the CMS Music area.   The Colony MS music open house.


    Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM. 


    Nov. 2019 meeting minutes:

    Minutes for Nov. 4, 2019 CMS Music Booster meeting

    Present: Angela Marshall (Treasurer), Michelle Krzypkowski (Volunteer), Jeff Krzypkowski (V.P.), Jonah Necklace (Band Student Rep), Stacey McIntosh, Brandy Bishop, Tobias Lambert (music teacher).


    7:03 PM. Call Meeting to Order

    Money: $170 deposit from ice cream social.  $3849.79 total in account.  No commitments at the time except for a $500.00 request to Concert trip money.  Motion was made/approve $ report

    Silent Auction: Set for Nov. 25: aim to be ready by 5:00 PM.  Still looking for Donation item.  Helpers for auction: Jeff and Michelle Krzypkowski-set-up at 3:30 PM.   Brandy Bishop to help with checking tables during the event.  Distribute items about 8:30 PM till 8:40 PM. 

    Trip needs: helpers needed at 4:45 AM for luggage check in.

    Valley Festival of the Arts: Looking for any artists currently.  We will need box office people (2 shifts), hospitality room (2 shifts).   Probably run from 6-7:30PM and 7:30-9PM. 

    Talent Show: need an extra adult to help with audition (Stacey McIntosh offered). 

    7:41 PM.  Adjourn the meeting.


    Minutes typed up by Tobias Lambert.


    Jan. 9, 2020 Meeting Minutes:

    Minutes from Jan. 9 CMS Music Booster Meeting

    Present: Jonah Necklace (Band Student Rep), Angela Marshall (Treasurer), Sherry Matthews (President), Samantha Marshall, Malia Matthews, Stacey McIntosh, Toby Lambert (Music teacher)

    7:06 PM, meeting starts

    Nov. Minutes approved.  Jan. Money Report approved

    Deposits included $360 from Bake Sale,

     $447.30 from 1st concerts ice cream social,

    $251 from Holiday Concert ice cream social,

    $710 from silent auction

                                    Payments was $496.81 from concert trip (2 gas receipts and dinner food supplies)

                                                                    $121.77 for both Ice cream social supplies

                                    Ending balance is $4596.26

    McIntosh-1st motion to approve, Marshall-2nd motion to approve

    Valley Festival of the Arts-Work session:

    Schedule performers.  Based on application numbers (which is low), shorten the event by 30 minutes (VFA will go from 6:30 PM till 8:30 PM).  Still have open slots for more groups.  Trying to get a dance class group, ROTC group from Eagle River, local photographer, illustrator and Knot making group from Palmer.

    Box Office: McIntosh and Derheim will work on this together to cover

    Hospitality room: Marshall and Matthews will work on this together to cover.  Lambert will ask for volunteer supplies for this (bottle water, cookies, brownies, veg. tray, cheese/meat tray) from students.

    Ads. Lambert will print ads by Monday, Marshall and McIntosh will help post.  Lambert will also post and offer to students to help with that.   Lambert will send a mass email to parents about VFA and include a poster to be posted if families will help.

    Solo/Ensemble: Lambert informed Marshall about what to expect from registration fees and that we will need to write checks to cover judges.   Also, might have to order ribbons in Feb.

    Scholarships: We are going to need to finalize this soon.  Talked about possibly announcing students receiving it sooner but decided to leave it on the banquet night.

    Additional fundraising: silent auction off a large item at the final concerts to help with funds.   Matthews is looking into this.

    Meeting ended at 7:56 PM.  Necklace-1st motion, McIntosh-2nd motion.

    Minutes typed up by Toby Lambert


Last Modified on June 22, 2020