Colony Middle School

    Math Course Syllabus 2021-22 * Instructor: Ms. Hebert (pronounced Ay-bear)

    Room: 110, #761-1521, Grades: 6 & 7 * chris.hebert@matsuk12.us


    Students will build their understanding of math concepts through a variety of formats—verbal models, short response, extended response, skill practice, problem solving, and standardized test practice, for example.



     1. Be on time

     2. Come ready and prepared to learn

     3. Respect your rights and the rights of others to learn

     4. Work at learning

     5. Ask for support!!



    Daily work is an opportunity to practice new skills and concepts.  As with all learned skills (from athletics to musical instruments) practice is essential for success.  Daily practice will be reviewed the following class session.  The daily review is a key part of the learning process.  Students are required to correct their own work, take notes, and ask questions!! Questions lead to understanding for all, and we want everyone to “get it”!



    ·        30% Daily Work (Ready Classroom)

    o   Work that is labeled, complete, on time, and shows work earns full credit

    o   Complete work that is turned in late earns partial credit

    ·        70% Assessments (Ready Classroom and/or i-Ready)

    o   Quizzes and tests may be retaken to improve score




    •Math textbook- will stay in classroom and small sections torn out weekly to keep in binder


    •Pencil with eraser, wooden #2 preferred, not mechanical, and hand held sharpener

    •1" 3-ring Binder for math, or may combine all 3 daily classes in one bigger binder)


    •Graph paper, loose leaf 3-ring binder, composition notebook, or spiral notebook OK

    •Calculator- simple 4-function




    •Check teacher web page daily for assignments (google classroom will be used if whole class is remote learning)

    •Phone a friend

    •Check in before school to ask questions or get the assignment off the board



    Student work will always be accepted, late work can be turned in until the last day of each quarter. CMS late work policy is no more than 10% of earned credit may be deducted for lateness- so turn in your work, no matter how late! Some credit is always better than no credit!



    The text is Ready Math Grade 6 or Grade 7. The students will each have a "consumable" copy of the textbook in which they will be writing, taking notes, completing homework and bell work assignments, etc. The textbook will need to stay in the classroom and we will be taking out smaller sections to keep in the math class binder each week. Ready Math comes with tons of online resources for students and parents!! We are also using the online i-Ready component this year, more info to come. This is a brand new curriculum for all of us and I will be learning right along with students this year!   



    I have read and understand the Math Syllabus.  I will ask for support if I need it and not suffer in silence.  I understand that my success depends on my effort and that taking responsibility for my learning is essential.



    _________________________      _________________________     

    Printed Student Name                                 Printed Parent Name


    ________________________         _________________________

    Student Signature                                         Parent Signature




    CMS Bell Schedule (Hebert Classes)-



    4C 7:45-8:25

    P1 8:30-10:10 Math 6

    P2 10:15-11:55 Math 6

    Lunch 12:00-12:30

    P3 12:35-2:15 (Hebert Prep)



    4C 7:45-8:25

    P4 8:30-10:10 Math 6

    P5 10:15-11:00 Math 7

    Lunch 11:05-11:35

    P5 11:35-12:30 

    P6 12:35-2:15 Math 7



    P1 7:45-8:27 Math 6

    P2 8:32-9:14 Math 6

    P3 9:19-10:01 Prep

    Lunch 10:06-10:36

    4C 10:41-11:54

    P4 11:59-12:41 Math 6

    P5 12:46-1:28 Math 7

    P6 1:33-2:15 Math 7 


    Hebert’s Daily Class Schedule (flexible and subject to change!)-

    100 minute block classes: 2 Ready Classroom "sessions" (lessons are called sessions in Ready Math, they take approximately 45 minutes to complete)

    42 minute classes (Friday): 1 Ready Classroom session or station rotation- i.e. online activity, math quiz, skill review, etc.






Last Modified on August 15, 2021