• Tanaina Elementary School
    Music Department
    Woods Miller, Music Teacher
    Tanaina offers a robust music program with a student contact rate of 819 students per week (including when choir is in season). We have a 5th grade band enrollment that ranges from 18-32 students per year and an extra-curricular choir enrollment that ranges from 30-70 students per year.
    Our performance schedule is rigorous, you can expect to see:
    • Veterans Day Assembly Performances & Guests
    • Band & Choir Fall Concert
    • December Holiday Program for grades 3-4-5
    • Traveling Choir Performances at a local Retirement Community
    • March Spring Program for grades K-1-2
    • Spring Band & Choir Concert
    • Band or Choir Performances in various assemblies
    • Band Concert for 4th Graders
Last Modified on December 7, 2017