Does your family have immediate needs with the unexpected school closure? 


    Dear Families,

    I understand that extra time out of school can be a hardship for many of our families. While we are working out the details of the possibility that schools may be closed for an extended period of time, please take a moment to let me know how I can assist your family during this unexpected school closure. 

    1. Does your family home have internet access?

    2. Does your child have access to a tablet or laptop?

    3. Do you have a need for breakfast/lunch for your child?

    Being a school that is 100% free breakfast/lunch, we realize this can be a big concern for much of our population. 
    4.  Did your family travel during Spring Break?

    5. If I set up a google classroom, is this something you will access? There would be videos uploaded and links posted for educational websites. You can also send me pictures through the Remind app and I can upload them to share what you are doing during the extended break. I will provide you detailed instructions on how to access the google classroom (it's not as scary as it sounds). 

    6. If approved by my administration, would you be open to me stopping by for a home visit at which time I could do an art project with your child? OR Would you be able to bring your child to the school for a 20-30 minute time slot for 1:1 instruction? Again these would need to be approved by administration. Just throwing ideas out right now to see what works best for my families. 

    7. What else do you need from me? 

    Please respond directly to my email Kellie.Merrill@matsuk12.us or respond through the Remind app. I will compile all your responses and start working on a plan.

    As always, thank you all for support and patience! 

    Miss Kellie








Last Modified on March 13, 2020