•                     Weekly Journals

         Every Friday your child will be writing a letter home.  In the letter your child will tell you about some of the things he/she is learning and/or doing in our class.  The Weekly Journals also contain your child’s self evaluation and a teacher evaluation.  The letter is a great way to keep you up to date with what is going on in our class.  Please review the Weekly Journal with your child, then sign and return it to school on Monday inside your child’s Friday Folder.

       Another purpose of the Journal is to allow your child to communicate with you in a written form, thereby improving his/her writing skills.  The ideas, spelling, and composition of the letter are your child’s own and have not been edited or corrected by me.  I conference with each child about their letter and may make suggestions but otherwise the letter is their own.   If you have difficulty deciphering what your child has written, have him/her read it to you.

            Your child will be asking at least one question of you in his/her letter.  When you write back to your child on the other side of the paper, please print.   Everyone has their letter read privately to them if they are unable to read it on their own. 

            Research has shown that parents can have a significant influence on their child’s achievement in writing by modeling the writing process for their child.  It is my hope that by writing to your student each week in this journal, your child’s writing ability will greatly improve.

            As always, if you have any questions at all please feel free to give me a call (352-9400),  e-mail, or send a note to school with your child.

                                                                    Thanks for all you do,

                                                                    Sue Hocker



Last Modified on November 28, 2017