Math Fact Fluency
           Fluency in computation and knowledge of math facts are part of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Standards.   For students to be fluent in computation and to be able to do math mentally requires that they become fluent in the basic arithmetic facts.  In grades 4-5 students should develop the basic number combinations for multiplication and division. 

                                      Teaching Math Facts with Rocket Math 

        Rocket Math is a ten-minutes-a-day, paper and pencil, worksheet-based, supplemental math facts practice curriculum. It is a uniquely structured curriculum for the sequential practice and mastery of math facts.  Students learn 2 facts and their reverses on each worksheet in a carefully controlled sequence which enables mastery at an individualized pace.  Students practice orally with a partner every day.  One minute timings assess when students are ready to move to the next set of facts.  
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Last Modified on March 6, 2019