• Room 13 Newsletter

    Week of:

    November 29-December 3


    Upcoming Events:

    December 15:  Book Fair/Title 1 Night, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

    December 16: End of 2nd quarter

    December 17: No School, Teacher Work Day

                Have a great winter break!

    January 3: School resumes


    Homework for the week:

    Monday:  Math worksheet, spelling copies 3 x print

    Tuesday:  Math 12-1, spelling copies 3 x cursive

    Wednesday:  Math 12-2

    Thursday:  Math 12-3, study for spelling test


    Academic Information:



    We will be doing Rocket Math and Reflex Math daily to work on our Math fact automaticity.


    Please contact me immediately if you have any questions about the material.


    iReady homework pages have a green banner at the top.


    Unit 2 covers decimals and fractions.



    Story of the week:  “Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?”

    Genre:  Narrative Nonfiction

    Target Skill:  fact and opinion

    Target Strategy:   question


    Grammar skill of the week:  verb tenses

    Spelling skill of the week:  

    white group (on level):   VCV pattern

    blue group (extension):  Suffixes –en, -ize, -ify



    Social Studies/Science/Health:

    Science: moon/space

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