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     Why I Love To Teach ...


     Written by: Jeanie Lombard



    Teaching is the desire of my heart, something that I have a long held passion for. I still remember as a child playing school with all of my friends. I loved being the teacher and having my own students, seating them in front of the chalkboard and marking students off in the grade book who were absent. Ever since I was little I have dreamed about having a real classroom of my own. This is why I love to teach!


    I really enjoy children and look forward to seeing them each day. I am encouraged by the smiles on their faces. I admire them for their forgiving nature. Seeing the natural curiosity of a child helps me to be more curious and creative myself. It is a real pleasure to see a child express himself freely, uninhibited by the shackles that society places on him as he grows older. This is why I love to teach!


    I have developed many favorable relationships with students. I feel empathy for them when things go wrong in their lives. I feel comfortable relating to students of various socio-ethnic backgrounds. I appreciate different learning styles and am comfortable with any handicapping conditions that a student may have. This is why I love to teach!


    I love to teach because I value high ethical standards and morals, the things that seem to be missing in today's society. I  teach children that honesty, respect, hard work, and self-control are good and are to be strived for. I also teach children that lying, disrespect, laziness and lack of self-control are wrong and are to be avoided. I work hard to establish positive values and discourage the negative behavior in young people. This is why I love to teach!


    I encourage children to be independent and constructive thinkers. I provide students an expanding array of learning opportunities and experiences. I am a part of an education program that enables students to have greater resiliency and leadership abilities in this present age we live; students that have the ability to solve problems in the complex 21st century. This is why I love to teach!


    I love to teach because I have a desire for accomplishment for myself as well as my students. I like to organize ideas, time, materials and space in a way that encourages accomplishment. I like the professional atmosphere of the teaching environment. I am the self-motivated type and am committed to student growth. This is why I love to teach!


    I understand the realities of teaching. Mingled with the satisfactions of teaching are long hours, hard work, and low pay. Then there are relational difficulties with teachers, administrators, and parents. Finally, many situations with severe behavior problems of children can be quite challenging. However, I feel confident because I have acquired interpersonal and academic skills that allow me to enter relationships while keeping the benefit of the students in mind. This is why I love to teach!


    Another reason why I love to teach is that I am zealously optimistic about my teaching career. I know that I will be successful because I am willing to be involved. I am a team player and like working with others. I enjoy participating in building as well as district projects. My facial expressions, body language, and presentation skills, will tell you that I have a warmth toward students and show that I can make a difference in their lives. This is why I love to teach!


    One of the joys of working with children is seeing the progress they make day by day. One child learns to ask and share instead of snatch. Another child who came to school speaking little tells a connected story with verve and accuracy. A second grader, once baffled, triumphantly reads an entire page of her book aloud. Such evidence tells us bit by bit that our work is worthwhile, and so are we. This is why I love to teach!


    Every day of teaching is different and everyday presents unanticipated opportunities. Teachers must know what to do whether nursing an ailing guinea pig or explaining where the sun goes at night. In just one hour, the teacher may have to unstop a drain stuffed with paper towels, find a container for a grasshopper while reciting a poem about one, get two children started in the block area, and redirect two more to the tortilla table. All this while seeing to it that the entire group is productively involved in the shifting kaleidoscope of independent and small group activities that make up a satisfying, educationally appropriate day. I look forward to these challenges. This is why I love to teach!


    Young children's needs are immediate, intense, and personal. When they want something they want it now, they want it very much, and they want it because they want it. They are still learning self-control and are not always easy to manage. People who work with young children must have special skills, knowledge of child development, boundless patience, good judgment, and real strength of character. In addition they need the maturity to exercise the balance of control and latitude such young children require. I have developed these skills as a para-educator and teacher in the public school system. I strive to keep developing skills so that I can be the best teacher I can be. This is why I love to teach!

    Probably the greatest reason why I love to teach is because I inspire the minds of young children. I work to create an environment that belongs to children so children will love learning. I believe that if we give children the skills when they are young they will have no problem succeeding when they get older. The way children look at the future is a result of what they have been taught today.  I am proud to be a part of that future. This is why I love to teach!



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