• My Philosophy of Education

    By: Jeanie Lombard







    My classroom shall be a caring place where all children shall be encouraged to learn through experiences that provide for their developmental needs - physical, social, emotional and intellectual. I shall nurture the children of my classroom to develop a deep love and excitement for life and learning.


    I believe it is important that children have experiences where they can be masters of their own learning, so that they can develop emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. I believe a child-directed learning environment helps children achieve this. I have adopted the theory of an open framework approach to teaching, where the learning environment is both child-initiated and teacher directed, and where the children can move freely from several areas in their days experience. In this action-oriented model, the class activities arise from the needs and interests of the children, from the teacher's developmental goals, and from the state standards. This model of teaching contains a variety of interest centers that support the child's active learning.


    I believe in the uniqueness and individual worth of each child. As a teacher, I shall strive to meet the needs of my students and endeavor to foster the highest possible level of independence, self-direction and personal responsibility in each one.


    I shall work to create an atmosphere, which nurtures social and intellectual growth of children and fosters the development of the individual and creative thought. I shall provide a developmentally appropriate classroom environment, which encourages the children to learn from him/herself, peers, teachers, other staff members, and parents.


    I shall encourage direct interaction among children, regardless of age and ability. I shall help children create an understanding of ones own rights and respect for the rights of others. Each child shall be encouraged to take the initiative in learning and to develop personal responsibility. I shall respect each child as an individual capable of learning at his/her own rate, and with his or her own style.


    Responsibility for learning shall go beyond my classroom walls to include the family. Also involved in the children's learning program will be the developmental specialists and other school staff. The combined effort of teamwork in my classroom will help to promote the child's successful integration into the world in which they live. I believe that this philosophy will encourage each child to develop a love for learning, which will continue throughout life.
    Jeanie Lombard


Last Modified on September 4, 2018