The Pieces for a Child's Success

    .Puzzle pieces in a pile, not put together yet.


    Here at Tanaina, our staff has your child's best interests at heart. As the learning community, students, parent and school staff, will work together to help every child build the solid foundation needed for future successful learning.  In turn, your children will be ready to take on the new adventures that middle school and high school have to offer. 
    We can help build the confidence they need to succeed. We want them to have:
    1. Perceptions of personal capabilities. “I am capable.”
    2. Perceptions of significance in primary relationships. “I contribute in meaningful ways and I am genuinely needed.”
    3. Perceptions of personal power or influence over life. “I can influence what happens to me.”
    4. Intra-personal Skills. The ability to understand and to use that understanding to develop self-discipline and self-control and to learn from experiences.
    5. Interpersonal Skills: The ability to work with others and develop friendships through communicating, cooperating, negotiating, sharing, empathizing and listening.
    6. Systemic Skills: The ability to respond to limits and consequences of everyday life with responsibility, adaptability, flexibility, and integrity.
    7. Judgmental Skills: The ability to use wisdom and to evaluate according to appropriate values.

     -Stephen Glenn

    We at Tanaina believe that parents are a child's first teacher.  




Last Modified on March 17, 2018