• Three Different Enrollment Options to Choose From!

    The school will constitute a unique blend of educational options for families that will
    draw from Alaska Native and American Indian customs.

    Types of Education Programs: 

    In-Person Learning – K-12

    The educational program of Knik Charter School will focus on the individual student’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses, while honoring and respecting indigenous cultures throughout the educational process.

     Children and youth learn in different ways and at different rates, and once they become motivated, they learn whatever is required to accomplish their goals. 

    *Must reside in the MSBSD*  

    Blended Learning - K-12  

    A mixture of homeschool and in-person learning where students come on campus for a few selected courses, but are primarily correspondence students!

    *Full-time in-person students have priority for in-person course enrollment *

    Statewide Correspondence - K-12
    All learning and teaching from the comfort of home! 

    Career and Technical Education

    CTE will be offered in the following areas through the school and through the partnership with Knik Tribe's Benteh STEAM Academy. 

    • Welding 
    • Aviation
    • Drones
    • Construction
    • Computers
    • Subsistence
    • Personal Finance and Economics

    Cultural and Subsistence Activities

    Here are some examples of possible activities  based on a subsistence calendar that our school could teach and provide through class activities, field trips, and subsistence courses. Activities not offered when school is not in session

    - Fishing (catching and preserving)
    August - Fishing Continued, berry picking, 
    September - Moose and caribou hunting, berry picking, food preservation, transition to fall camp (shelters and clothing), fishing
    October - Winter prep activities, food preservation and preparation, dressing for the weather,
    November - Winter survival, ice conditions
    December - Trapping, tanning and skin sewing, ice fishing
    January - Weather and survival, trapping and skin prep. , sewing and beading
    February - Sewing and beading, art, trapping, food preparation
    March - Preparation for spring camp, travel (dog teams, snogo), hunting on the sea ice
    April - Transition to spring camp, spring caribou hunt,  prep and spring bird hunt
    May - Ice is going out - preparation for fishing
    June - Transition to summer camp and fishing