Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program

    MSBSD's TAG Program offers services beyond the classroom to students who have been identified as gifted based upon their academic and cognitive scores. Research shows that grouping gifted students together is an effective and efficient way for them to achieve academic, social, and emotional gains.
    MSBSD TAG Identification Steps: Students in elementary school are screened for achievement through Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores. If MAP scores are in the 91st percentile rank or higher in all areas, students can be forwarded for cognitive testing using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). If the student qualifies on the CogAT, s/he gains entrance into the TAG programdiv>
    TAG Mission: By providing a comprehensive continuum of learning - beginning with identification in grade 2 and culminating in graduation - the MSBSD will encourage and provide gifted students with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their aptitude in the areas of academics, creativity, social-emotional learning, & leadership. 

    For more information please contact: TAG Program Coordinator: Melissa Sadlowski907.761.4020

    Upcoming TAG Events:

    Elementary Math Derby 01/20/2024 Cottonwood Creek Elementary
    Elementary Science Olympiad 03/30/2024 CTHS

    Chess Tournaments

    1. Elementary
    2. Middle School
    3. High School

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    1. 04/06/2024
    2. 04/13/2024
    3. 04/12/2024
    1. CMS  
    2. CMS 
    3. CTHS

    Summer Camps

    1. Elementary TAG Camp
    2. MS TAG Camp
    1. June 3-6, 2024
    2. May 28-31, 2024
    1. TBD
    2. TBD