• It is recommended that students take the SAT and/or ACT for the first time in the spring of their 11th grade year and retake the SAT/ACT as necessary in early fall of 12th grade to have scores in time for college admission application deadlines.

    To qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship, students will need to take the SAT and/or ACT at least once no later than March of their senior year. 

    MSBSD offers a free SAT during the fall of 12th grade.

    Seniors will sign up on a Google form in their senior Google Classroom or by calling the Guidance office at 907 746-8427.

    2023-2024 National SAT/ACT Test Dates

    Palmer High School Code: 020105

    2023-2024 In-School Testing Dates

    12th grade SAT: October 26th @ 7:45 am 




    SAT ACT Comparison