• Swimming and Diving season take LOTS of volunteers to make it happen. We will be hosting one competition this year but the Valley works together to make all our competitions happen. Some ways that you can help us are as a timer, swim and diving official, setting up and taking down before and after a competition, donating food items, booster club, and many more. Please see below for some job descriptions and the meet sign up for the Wasilla Invite this year.

    Booster Club

    We need volunteers to help run our Booster Club. Your responsibilities will be to help fundraise, complete necessary booster club paperwork, purchase and gather items for senior send off, and help with swim meet coordination.

    Please use this sign up if you are interested in supporting our booster club: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17fUjkGLnnnRMiQaUqrgmSQESsNyA2DbT2jIn7Pq4lwI/edit?usp=sharing


    For each lane we need a minimum of two timers that help run the electronic timing system and use hand held timers as a back up in case the timing system has an error. Timers will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the competition for a timer meeting where they will go over your job expectations and teach you how to do your job. This is a great way to be on deck to cheer on your swimmer during a competition and support our meets.


    For each competition, we must have a minimum of 3 officials, but the more we have available the better. Officials will need to complete official training in August and the cost of the training is covered by the booster club at WHS. Officials are on the pool deck helping start swimmers and ensure that they are completing their strokes legally and helping with disqualifications. As much as anyone hates to discourage an athlete, disqualifications help our swimmers learn and prepare them for our big competitions such as regions and state. When we have too few officials, mistakes go missed and swimmers don't learn from them. Please look for emails in August for officials training and consider completing even if you will not be able to support at all meets.

    Please use this link to sign up if you are interested in being an official: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BeRWmMnT_VxiZ-XRszs8zJHbMaynLoZaVTBekBnxwvY/edit?usp=sharing

    Food Donations

    All swim meets will have a hospitality room to help feed our many volunteers. We will ask for food donations - large and small - to help so that we can keep our volunteers hydrated and energized for a long day on the pool deck. 

    Volunteer Sign Up

    Please use the link below to sign up for different volunteer positions for the Wasilla Invite on 8/24/2024.


Last Modified on March 21, 2024