• Link to pdf file for this week: Week of Aug 14-21

    Week 4 XC: Aug 14th - 21

    Mon Aug 14     Practice at Farm 3-4:30pm; Get rides set up for after school this season!

    Tue Aug 15      First Day of School!  3-5pm at WHS

    Wed Aug 16     Practice at Farm 3-5pm

    Thu Aug 17      Practice at Farm 3-5pm

    Fri Aug 18        Practice at WHS 2:30-3:30pm Shake out Run

                             BUS WILL LEAVE WASILLA HIGH  AT 5:30PM

    Sat Aug 19         Leave Soldotna around 4:30pm;back at WHS 9:30pm

                               **SEE DETAILS ON TED MCKENNEY INVITE in Soldotna**

    Mon Aug 21     3:00pm Picture Day + Fly 30s at WHS

                             6:00-7pm AKtive Sole Run FUNDRAISER in Palmer

    Invite  your favorite teachers, family and friends to come support the Warrior XC team!  We hope to have t-shirt gifts to give to the teachers that attend.  Members of the community will join XC teams from the area for a fun run and each team will collect donations at the end of the run



    You must be ASAA eligible to travel (PlanetHS completed, grades OK) and fees paid.  If you travel you WILL race.  If you don’t have 10 practices you may still travel, but you will run in the Community Race.  This will give you a practice and an opportunity to see travel expectations.


    It is very important to fuel yourself in a proper manner during away trips.  We expect you to drink adequate amounts of water and eat healthy.  Sugary snacks and empty carbs are not appropriate for athletic trips.  We are in season and expect you to take responsibility for elements you can control such as your diet.  No energy drinks!  Please, bring food from home if you think you will have a hard time making healthy choices - just be aware that you will not have a fridge or stove.


    Be respectful of all persons and property during our trip.  Use kind words and tones.  We are guests at the school, leave all property alone.  Leave your area clean.  Let a coach know if any issues arise immediately!!!


    Students will be turning in their cell phones at night.  If you need to get in contact, please use my cell phone information:


    Coach Varys   907-315-7159



    XC TED MCKENNEY Invite:  Friday, Aug 18 - Saturday, Aug 19

    Please see XC TEAM EXPECTATIONS for expected behavior on away trips.

    We will be sleeping at the school on the floor so you need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow (and mat, cot or air mattress).


    a towel, toiletries, running shoes, uniform, racing shoes, warm-ups, dry clothes, outdoor gear for the weather.  Please feel free to bring any food from home you would like for snacking and/or breakfast.

    Have a smaller bag with race day items to take off the bus with you.  You can leave overnight gear on the bus.

    They will be selling race t-shirts/sweatshirts at the event.



    ** You must be in school all day in order to travel to Soldotna, no tardies**

    2:30-3:30pm Shake out run at WHS

    After the run please get your evening meal on your own time.  We will not be making a store stop for food on the way down.

    5:30 - Bus depart from WHS

    We will travel to Soldotna via bus and we will take a few bathroom breaks.  You should bring snacks for the bus and any other food you would like to eat.

    10:00pm  - Arrive at Soldotna High School and quickly get settled in

    10:30pm – Phones turned in to coach.  Lights out



    8:30am Rise and shine!!!   Breakfast and phones returned

    9:30am Leave school and travel to trails (MUST HAVE ALL ITEMS PACKED UP)

    10:00am Coaches’ Meeting

    10:30am   Walk the Course

    12:00pm   Open Girls

    12:45pm Open Boys

    1:30pm Girls Varsity

    2:15pm Boys Varsity

    3:00pm Results and Awards

    3:30pm Community Race

    4:30pm Get food at grocery store in Soldotna

    5:00pm Leave Soldotna

    9:30pm Arrive back at WHS – PLEASE HAVE YOUR RIDES WAITING!!

    Please sign up on the Remind App to receive important team information throughout the season.

    To the Number: 81010        Text the message: @warriorx

    And feel free to contact Coach Varys with any questions: Lesvarys@gmail.com or 907-315-7159

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