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    The mission of the Colony Middle School Music Booster Club is to promote parent interaction with the music program and to support it enthusiastically for the growth and benefit of our students.


    Purpose of CMS Music Boosters is to:

                1. Help with supporting music at CMS (morally, financially and socially).

                2. Provide parents an organized way of giving input into the activities, events and funding for                  the music department.

                3. Provides a link  of communication between parents, students and Mr.Lambert for improving

                    the CMS Music Department.

                4. Create and promote music activities for and to the public.

                5. Provide a communication link between CMS Music Department, CMS School and other

                    organizations in the public (school board, borough assembly, PTA, etc...).


    Executive Board of  2023-2024 CMS Music Boosters:        

                President: Mrs. Shupe

                Vice President: Mrs. Schmidt

                Secretary: Mrs. Berry

                Treasurer: Mrs. Erickson

                Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Domrude


     NOTE: We are always looking for help on committees and activities.


    Goals:  Continue to raise funds for new instruments, music and equipment,

             promote arts in the Valley, raise funds for music camp scholarships, work to connect ourselves

             to the school.


    Activities are: Valley Festival of the Arts, Awards Banquet Night, Holiday Auction, Help with music

                 events (such as talent show, basketball games (pep band), Masquerade Ball, Fundraising

                 (ice cream sales, socials, etc).  

    Contact info:

                Colony Middle School Music Boosters, Inc.:

                9250 E. Bogard Road

                Palmer, Alaska  99645



    Dates of meetings (as of 6/2/23): All meetings are on zoom meetings starting at 7:00 PM (on Mondays) except Aug. 21 (General Membership Meeting) which is held at CMS cafeteria. 

    The rest are Oct. 9  Nov. 6  Jan. 8  Feb. 5  Mar. 4  Apr. 1   May 6 



    The CMS Scholarship Program is on.  We have money set aside for this year to award to students who would like to attend a summer music camp.  Please go to Scholarship page.


    If you want more news, go to the CMS Music Monthly Newsletter.                                                                                                                                       



    Mission Statement

    Promote parent interaction with the music program

     and to support it enthusiastically for the  growth and benefit of our students.


    Here is a tentative agenda for the Aug. 22, 2022: (it will be added to this page around early Aug.)

    Agenda for Jan. 9, 2023 Booster Meeting Agenda: Jan. 9, 2023 7PM Booster Meeting Agenda


    Zoom link for Jan. 9, 2023 meeting (40 minute time limit per section): 

    7PM-7:30 PM-part 1: TOBIAS LAMBERT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


    Join Zoom Meeting



    7:30PM-8PM-part 2: TOBIAS LAMBERT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


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