• Colony MS Tri-M Honor Music Society

    NOTE: At this time (6/2/23), the Tri-M honor society is still trying to restart itself for the 2023-2024 school year.  The music program should be solid enough to add this back.  Info and application is below..  



    Mission Statement of CMS Tri-M

    We will enhance the community by promoting music and providing music groups and other events to connect families, citizens, schools, other Tri-M chapters, other governments, and community organizations.
    Tri-M stands for Modern Music Masters.

    Goals of CMS Tri-M

    We, the members of the Colony Middle School music department, in an effort to inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, and promote leadership in the music students of our school, accept these bylaws for the establishment and operation of our Tri-M Music Honor Society TM chapter.

                The purpose of this chapter will be to:

                            A. Provide an appropriate method for motivating and recognizing the musical                                         achievements of our members.

                            B. Strengthen our school’s music program.

                            C. Help our members reach their full musical potential.

                            D. Encourage our members to work together towards the same goal.

                            E. Present inspirational and challenging activities to our members.

                            F. Focus public attention on our school’s music program through community                                          service.

                            G. Share musical experiences with the community.


    To be a member:

    Candidates for active student membership shall be chosen by a faculty committee.  Candidates for active student membership shall be chosen from those students enrolled in the music department at Colony Middle School.  Candidates, at the time of their selection, shall meet the following requirements:

    1.      They must have enrolled in a music ensemble or performance class for at least one semester of the current school year at Colony Middle School or their previous school.

    2. They must exhibit leadership, service, and character in their activities by 
                         submitting  an application portfolio while at Colony Middle School.

    3. They must have maintained for the previous semester at least a B average grade or

    equivalent in music, with at least a C average grade or equivalent in other

    academic subjects.

    4. If they remove themselves from all music classes, their membership with Tri-M is



    Parts for Portfolio:

                1. Application (part of this packet)

                   2. Two letters of recommendation that describes the student’s character, work 
                            dedication, and music background  (please use people other than parents,
                            such as teachers, church leaders, people you work for or anyone who would
                             support the students request to  join).
    Applications are due Sept. 12, 2023.
    Some Activities that we have done in the past:
    "Spirit Change" for December Spirit week.  We are going to be collecting change for the
                  Red Cross. 
    Play for the Mat-Su hospital for Women's Health workshop. 
    Donate drive for Mat-Su Food Bank
    Donate to My House
    Donated in 2018-2019 $300 to the Alaska Sealife Center and $200 to
              the Mat-Su Horse rescue society.
    Raised money for Houston MS Music (help with earthquake damage) by selling "hat day" badges.
    CMS "Got's Talent" Show-Dec..  This event is for CMS Students to show off their hidden 
                talents. Tri-M will be help with set-up, equipment needs and tear down.
    Valley Festival of the Arts-Jan.  Tri-M will be helping run this Valley arts event.
    "Petting Zoo of Instruments" at CCS in Wasilla for a family night
    Instrumental cleaning for Elementary school-May.
    To get an application, click here: 2023-2024 Tri-M Application
                                     Honor Student                              Clarinet Student