• CMS Music Scholarship Program
       $ for Scholarships
    There was about $ 500.00 provided to 1 students (who participated in Sitka Fine Arts Camp) during the 2020-2021 school year.  We will be starting to save again for the 2022-2023 summer camps.  Applications are due by April 17, 2023.  Money will be awarded at the awards banquet on May 8, 2023. 

    Mission Statement of CMS Music Boosters

    The mission of the Colony Middle School Music Booster Club is to promote parent

    interaction with the music program and to support it enthusiastically or the growth

                and benefit of our students


    Goals of this scholarship

                The goals of this scholarship is to provide students with information and incentive to

    study music over the summer months so that they create a large knowledge base of



    To apply for this scholarship:

    Candidates for this scholarship shall be chosen from those students enrolled in the music department at Colony Middle School.  Candidates, at the time of their selection, shall meet the following requirements:

               1. They must have actively enrolled in a music ensemble or performance class 
                   and completed one semester of the current school year (Fall 2022-Spring
                   2023) at Colony Middle School (Note: Transfer students will
                    be evaluated  a case by case bases).
               2. They must have been selected to participate in a summer music camp prior 
                            to receiving the scholarship money.

                            3. They must fill out the application and provide all information need.


    Parts for Portfolio:

                1. Application (part of this packet)

                2. One letter of recommendation that describes the student’s character, work
                          dedication, and music background  (please use people other than parents, such 
                            as  teachers, church leaders, people you work for or anyone who would 
                            support the  students request to join).
                3. A copy of your most recent report card

    Some Music Camps (look on online for more):

    Camp Crescendo: Idaho or Oregon: 1-866-543-5267.    www.campcrescendo.com

    BYU Young Musicians’ Summer Festival: Utah at BYU:   http://ce.byu.edu/cw/yms/

    Oregon Music Academy: Oregon:  www.oregonmusicacademy.com/camp/

    Young Musicians And Artist: Oregon:  503-281-9528: www.ymainc.org

    Big Lake Fine Arts Camp: Michigan: 1-800-221-3796: www.bluelake.org

    Interlochen Center for the Arts: Michigan: 

    UAF Summer Music Academy: Fairbanks, AK:907-474-8869 or  www.uaf.edu/music/artscamp/

    UNH Summer Youth Music School: New Hampshire: 603-862-2404


    Sitka Fine Arts Camp: Sitka, Alaska: 907-747-3085, www.fineartscamp.org

    Camp Jam-Rock Music Camp (different locations): www.campjam.com

    Performing Arts Workshop: California: http://performingartsworkshops.com/

    St. Olaf College Camp: Northfield, MN: http://www.stolaf.edu/camps/musiccamp/

    Palmer Arts Council: Palmer, AK: www.palmerartscouncil.org

    Valley Performing Arts (VPA), Wasilla, AK: www.valleyperformingarts.org
    To print an application, click here (this is a working copy for 2022-2023): 2022-2023 Summer Music Camp Scholarship application