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    UPDATED ITEMS (11/24/22)

    1. Overview page been updated with upcoming events

    2.  Google Classroom codes (below) 

    3. Dec. newsletter is posted 

    4. Updated the Music Booster page with minutes from our last 2 meetings. 

    5. Choir Practice tracks for Feb. 7 concert is added. 




    Google Classroom codes:

    Advance Band: lskirff

    Beginning Band: zfm3soh

    Guitar: ye2tjac

    Musical Theater: d3haifa

    6th grade Choir: sbfkaym

    7th-8th grade Choir: mceeq3j

    Orchestra: 4cd3dij

    Musical/Play: awh7sn2

    To Parents/Students:
    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. There is lots of info on this site. Enjoy. 
    Name: Toby Lambert
    Email Address: tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 761-1517
    -  Winter concerts are as follow: Beginning and Advance Band are Feb. 6.  Choir is Freb. 7.  Orchestra is Feb. 13.  All calls are at 6:30 PM with the concert starting at 7PM.  Dress is Black bottom and white top. 
    -Solo and ensemble has started.  I am signing up students to participate in this music contest (held on Feb. 24 at CMS in the afternoon).  This is a great chance for students to work on something at their own level to help them out and perform it for a judge.   They can do a solo or get into a small group.   I provide lesson in Jan. and Feb. to help get them prepared.  Music needs to be picked by Dec. 22 though. 
    -2nd quarter playing/singing test are going on for band/choir/orchestra students.
    -District Honor Festival auditions are going on.   They are tied to the playing test for 2nd quarter.  We have to make MP3 files for this which I will help the students out.   The event is March 30-31, 2023 at CMS/CHS. 
    -Jan. 12-13, 2023 is the Advance band, Advance choir and Advance orchestra concert tour trip to Healy, Denali NP, and Trapper Creek.   Cost will be about $44 and the permissions will come out around Nov. 14.   They will be due by Dec. 7 (no later!!).  NEED a PERMISSION: Jan. 12-13 Tour Permission form
    -8th grade steel drum group are on Monday and Wednesay from 2:30-4PM. 
    -CMS music open house meeting video has been posted in the students' google classroom for families who could not attend so they know what was shared.   You can also go to Aug. 22 meeting video to view it.  

    -2nd quarter Practice Charts have started.  This quarter charts will run from Oct. 9 till Dec, 17 (10 weeks, 350 pts)- Charts are weekly assignments.  They are worth 35 pts each week for 2 hours of practice (and yes they get partial points for charts with 0-119 minutes).  Charts go from Sunday to Saturday every week.  Students turn them in to the “Snoopy” box every week.  They need full name, the date of the week they practiced, times for each day, total time added up and a parent signature.  All of this is needed to be graded.  Students can practice more than 2 hours if they want and put that on another chart if they are going to be gone on another week (like a vacation).  Charts can be turned in up to 2:30 PM on Dec. 22.  I won’t take them past 2:30 PM even if they are sick from school.  They have all quarter to turn in stuff even if they choose to turn it in at the end only. Please be aware that if a student turn them in at the last minute and they are not filled out correctly, they will not be graded and I can’t return them to the student for them to repair them. 

    -Tri-M music honor society has a meeting at CHS at 2:30 PM on Thursdays a lot.  I am planning a salvation army event with them.

    -Colony MS music boosters has a Valley Festival of the Arts work meeting on Dec. 15 at 5PM.  Zoom link is below.  Our regular meeting is Jan. 9.  More info to come.

    The CMS Dec. 15 (5PM) booster work meeting for VFA- zoom link:  There is a 40 minute time limit and only 1 link (we have to work fast)

    TOBIAS LAMBERT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom Dec. 15 (5PM) meeting.


    Join Zoom Meeting




    I want to thank Mrs. Condie, Mrs. Harrington and the booster parents for helping coordinate the Silent auction fundraiser.  I want to thank all the donators to the event.  I also want to thank all the parents who bid on items.  We brought in about $2800+.  Below is the list of donators.  Please support these businesses as a thank you.  Also thank you to the families that helped and donated bake goods for the Election fundraiser.  We made over $600.00 that night. 


    Thank you to these companies and people for donating to our silent auction.

    Alaska Club                                                         Alaska Chicks Company

    Fly Trampoline Park                                        Mudbusters in Wasilla

    Salt Cave of Alaska in Wasilla                       Turkey Red

    Schmidt Family                                                  Harrington Family

    Homespun Alley                                               Weidner Apartment Homes

    Elwood Drive Thru Café and Espresso      Just Imagine Toy in Wasilla

    Fireside Book Store in Palmer                     Carrs in Palmer

    Fox Run Lodge and RV Campground        Musk Ox Farm in Palmer

    Skeetawk in Hatcher Pass                             Colony Middle School

    Aurora Dental Care                                          Red Robin

    Arlene Van Ness                                               House of Bread

    Old Man Russ Fine Food & Catering          Ross Family

    McKinley Birch Bed & Breakfast                 Three Bears



    Stuff needed for instruments for Beginning Band:

          Flute: Need cleaning rag, Jewelry screw driver

          Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax: #2 reeds (about 10-12), cleaning swab, jewelry screw driver, mouth piece cleaner swab

          Trumpet, F. Horn, Baritone, Tuba: valve oil (clear color is preferred), cleaning kit with slide grease (if the instrument is the students) 

          Trombone: valve oil (clear color is preferred), trombone slide grease (different from regular slide grease), cleaning kit (if the instrument is the students)

          Percussion: Percussion kit that contains a snare pad, bell kit, mallets for bells, snare sticks, percussion stand to put snare pad and bells on. 

    Stuff needed for instruments for Beginning Orchestra:

          Violin, Viola: Rosin for bow, neck pad to lift the instrument on the student's neck, humidifier, extra set of strings

          Cello, Bass: Rosin for bow, humidifier, extra strings (for cello especially)

    Stuff needed for Guitar Class:

           Students need a case, humidifer, pick, extra strings


    Books for Beginning band are: Traditions of Excellence Book 1 (red) and Book 2 (blue)

    Books for Beginning orchestra are: All for Strings Book 1 (light brown) and Book 2 (blue) 


    NO books for Guitar class at this time. Mr. Lambert will provide what he needs for the students.  

    Most of the equipment that CMS has can be rented to Beginning Band/Beginning Orchestra students: Cost this year for rental is $100.00 for the year.  Contract will be given to family at their instrument fitting meeting.  First come, first serve (advance band/orchestra students need to have their own stuff unless it is a big instrument like a tuba or baritone-instrument mostly being focused to beginning students this  year).  


    Places to rent/purchase instruments, equipment, books (which normally include warranty and maintenance plan):

    Matanuska music: (907) 376-4006, it is at 280 N. Willow Street in Wasilla Matanuska Music Website

    Horn Doctor: (907) 272-4676, is at 1000 Ingra St. in Anchorage Horn Doctor Website

    The Music Man: (907) 561-7001, is at 4637 Old Seward Hwy, in Anchorage Music Man Website

    Petr's Violin/Guitar Center: (907) 276-1800, is at 1408 Hyder St. Unit B in Anchorage Petr's Violin/Guitar Website

    There are others shops if you google search, but these are the main ones for band, orchestra and guitars.


    Concert Calendar for 2022-2023 year.  

          Here is the calendar:CMS 2022-2023 Concert Schedule
           Here is practice charts: Blank Practice Charts  They start on Aug. 28, 2022.  First one is due on week of Sept. 6.  

    Below is a working schedule for music for this school year.  









    Semester 1

    6th-8th grade Orchestra

    6th-8th Grade Begining Band (new or 1 year players)

    7th-8th Adv. Band (completed 2 years of Band)

    6th-8th grade Guitar

    6th Grade Choir

    7th-8th Grade Adv. Choir  

    Semester 2

    6th-8th Grade Orchestra

    6th-8th Grade Begining Band (new or 1 year players) 7th-8th Adv. Band (completed 2 years of Band) 6th-8th grade Musical Theater 6th Grade Choir 7th-8th Grade Adv. Choir  



    Extra Activities Mr. Lambert is planning for the 2022-2023 school year:

    Jazz Band (for advance band students)-Tuesday/Thursday 6:45 AM-7:15 AM

    Jazz Choir (for advance choir students)-Wednesday/Friday 6:45 AM-7:15 AM 

    Musical Theater-After School Monday-Friday, Aug-Early Nov. 

    Spring Play- After School in March-Early May.

    Solo/Ensemble contest students: Jan-Feb. After school

    Honor Ensembles: Feb-Mar. during and after school

    Talent Show: Dec. 

    Tri-M Honor music society

    Steel Drum Ensemble: Nov till end of the year-open to 8th core music students with some requirements.


    Things that may come back this year:

    Hand Bell Ensemble (Nov-Mid Dec).


    Things putting on Hold for the 2022-2023 school year: 

    Pep Band-End of Sept till Mid Nov.