• With school in session, and practices starting at 2:30 pm, our practices will now be over closer to 4 - 4:15 pm. Plan on pick up at the venue unless otherwise arranged.  Meaning if it is better for you to pick up at Colony High School, then possibly make arrangements with a rider to get a ride back to that location after practice.

    9/26:  Monday ~  2:30 pm: Everyone meet in theater for briefing/business.

                                         2:45 pm: Open runners go to CHS back practice field w/ CMS team.  Varsity runners to Matanuska Lake trails (Providence Behavioral Center parking)

    *Room Assignments, turn in $40 for trip, check race roster, discuss bussing/itinerary, Strabel talk skiing, Senior Bios, Banquet date, etc.

    *Must be racing to travel to Soldotna.  Please communicate with a coach if you are sick, otherwise, you must attend all practices and classes this week to travel to Regions.


    9/27:  Tuesday ~ Meet in theater for business, then to Palmer Ball Fields (Matanuska River) 

    9/28: Wednesday ~ CHS

    9/29: Thursday To be explained on Wednesday at practice.

    9/30:  Friday ~    Travel to Soldotna

    10/1: Saturday~  Regional Meet at Tsalteshi Trails (same trail and course as earlier in this season) Everyone on the team will attend.  This will be the last race of the season for the JV/Open athletes.


    10/3-8:  Varsity State athletes only practice this week with Coach Knopp & Coach Rousey

    10/8:  State Championship race at Bartlett - Superfans needed, wanted and encouraged to come cheer for the Knights!

    10/10:  XC Banquet of recognition - ALL team members come to return their uniform, eat, get their participation certificate and be recognized for their season's performances.  




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