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    Big “C” Relays

    The Dome – Anchorage

    March 31-April 1 2023


    The schedule for the meet is attached.  Information can also be found at the website: www.bigcrelays.com

    On FRIDAY 3/31:

    The Dome, 6501 Changepoint Dr, Anchorage, AK 99518

    We need parent drivers!!!

    I can transport 7 athletes.  Coach Fab can transport 4.

    Long jumpers need to arrive at the Dome no later than 9:00am (warm-ups must be completed by 9:55am, jumping starts promptly at 10am).  Throws, high jump and running events will start at 11:00am (need to be there by 10am).


    On SATURDAY 4/1:

    Throws and running events will start at 9:00am, so please be there by 8:15am


    ENTRIES FOR THIS MEET ARE VERY LIMITED!  You must have 10 practices

    We need transportation agreements for parent drivers and athletes.  Please check out with COACH VARYS when you leave the venue.

    All athletes need to have a uniform (we will provide) and running/racing shoes.  Although The Dome is an indoor event, it is “cold” in the facility (60 degrees), so you need to dress accordingly.  Spikes need to be 3/16” or less at The Dome.

    We will set up “camp” as a group on the field.  Feel free to bring pillows/blankets.   You must bring food to eat both days since there is nothing provided in the facility and we will be there all day long.  Bring school work as well.  Cheer on your team mates!!

    Follow all posted Dome rules.  There are no drinks other than water allowed inside The Dome, there is a strict NO GUM policy and eating is allowed on our tarp area only.  Keep our area clean!!  Also – DO NOT bring Frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, etc.

    Spitting or nasal blowouts are not allowed.  Use garbage cans.

    Remember, racing for Wasilla High is a privilege that can be revoked for misbehavior or poor representation of the school, coaches or the team.


    Questions can addressed to Coach Varys:  Lesvarys@gmail.com    or text:   907-315-7159