• Click here for a link to the pdf of the HOMER 2024

    We will be staying at Homer High School.  Please bring:

    • a sleeping bag, pillow and/or air mattress.
    • bring your own towel and personal hygiene items (soap, deo, toothbrush)
    • uniform, solid black clothes for under uniform, warm-ups, spikes (1/8” metal only), running shoes. Plan for poor weather conditions (wind, RAIN GEAR, cold)
    • Feel free to bring your own food, but cold storage will be unavailable.  HEALTHY FOOD ONLY!!!!
      • Food choices throughout the day need to be beneficial.
    • Dinner: Carrs or order pizza or bring your own.  Breakfast and snack items (Bagels, peanut butter, oatmeal, granola bars, fruit will be provided for you)  PARENTS – we are looking for donations


    NOTE:  Entries are limited on this meet.  Not every athlete will get to travel to every meet and we will do our best to get athletes into future meets.

    We have a mini meet on Wednesday, April 17th at Colony and another away meet on April 19-20.

    Questions can be sent to Coach Leslie Varys: 907-315-7159 or  Lesvarys@gmail.com  

    Friday, April 12nd

    • 6:00am Leave Wasilla High
    • 7:30am Stop at Carrs on Huffman in Anchorage – IF NEEDED.  This will be a place to pick up healthy snacks for the trip.  Next stop will be Soldotna.  Please feel free to bring your own food for the trip.
    • 11:00am (approx.) Stop in Fred Meyer in Soldotna.  Restrooms and food if needed.
    • 1:00pm – Arrive in Homer.  Set up tent area outside. Bring items to the gym later in the day.
    • 2:00pm - Warm-ups start for all field events and 100/110hurdles.  We need help setting up tent area
    • 2:30 MEET STARTS
    • 6:00pm – Dinner

    During the hours from 6:30 – 9:30 you are not allowed to leave the school.  We are here to compete in Track and Field, you are expected to prepare to perform your best the next day.

    • 9:30pm – Boys and Girls in own areas
    • 10:30pm lights out.  Phones will be turned in and returned in the morning.

    Saturday, April 13rd  -

    • 7:30am WAKE UP
    • 8:00am - bus to store for breakfast/lunch (throwers and steeple chase - you start at 9am)
    • 8:30am – Field events and Steeple Chase to venue and warmed up
    • 9am – 6pm (approx.) Track Meet
    • 6:30pm – Leave Homer (will stop at Carrs for dinner in Homer or Soldotna)
    • 12:00am - Arrive back at WHS