CTE Availability & Access

    • High quality Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs are available AT EACH HIGH SCHOOL
    • As additional options, capstone DISTRICT-WIDE CTE COURSES are uniquely delivered at specific MSBSD locations where:
      • Students travel to the course location for a portion of each school day
      • Junior/Senior level students are taught by industry expert instructors
      • Courses are taught in labs that mirror industry, with academics and work-based learning integration
      • Courses have post-secondary alignment, are based on industry skill standards & have certification options
    • CTE exploration is available in all area MIDDLE SCHOOLS where exploration is linked to programs offered at the high school level
    • Mission drive, Mat-Su Career & Technical High School ("Tech") is an intentionally designed PATHWAY MODEL HIGH SCHOOL in MSBSD that instructs both full-time and part-time students:
      • Full-time students take all their high school courses at Tech and participate fully in the mission of the school and its unique pathway model delivery of courses.  These students apply to Tech through an informative agreement-based application, followed by a lottery.
      • Part-time students travel to Tech for a block of their school day (2 periods) to take CAPSTONE DW CTE COURSES and then complete the rest of their course load at their regular high school.  Unlike full-time, there is no application to enroll in capstone DW CTE courses.  High school counselors at each school can help students enroll in these courses
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