• Reminder that Rosters can change at any point in time.  Players may swing between teams and those decisions will be made for each game.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for girls to get as much court time as possible so they can grow and learn.  


    Morgan Ainsworth

    Adrian Alley

    Hallie Clark

    Ella Hopkins (Swing)

    Emma Hopkins

    Teresa McMahon  

    Amaretta Settle  

    Alycia Shelley

    Lalaine Suaava

    Kaylee Wilkes

    Junior Varsity/C-team:

    Megan Alley

    Edenrose Brueggeman

    Ryann Evey

    Audrie Fischer

    Ella Hopkins (Swing)

    Rylee Jackson

    Cassidy Knutsen

    Jillian Pool

    Aria Smith

    Grace Spencer

    Presley Wright


    To Be determined:

    Denali Anderson-Berghoff - injured

    Jessica Dunlop - injured

    Dominika Tan - finish tryouts

    Ashlyn Waggoner  - injured

Last Modified on December 1, 2022