• We are being tested on Sept. 30th at 2pm at Wasilla in our back commons area.

    Everyone has to test except:

    1. If they have been vaccinated
    2. They have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 90 days.

    Both exceptions must be verified. A copy turned into the activities office.

    In order to get tested you must have two things"

    1) Signed covid release form must be signed and turned into Kristen prior to testing.  Link to file here - COVID RELEASE FORM)

    2) Have Covid secure app set up.  The child getting tested must be listed as a dependent.  They need to add Wasilla High School, not MSBSD on their account as a business to receive the results.  Instructions can be found to get registered on the app (HERE - COVID App set-up)

    If you have any question about setting up this account or submitting forms please contact Kristen Harris kristen.harris@matsuk12.us or Stacia Rustad stacia.rustad@matsuk12.us.


    Travel Itinerary:

    We will be departing from WHS early morning on Friday, Oct 1st - 6:30am the bus will leave.  Our flight leaves Anchorage at 9:30am  - Alaska Airlines Flight#1248

    We will use some type of bright red or pink tape to mark all of our luggage to help with off-loading at the airport.

    Once we arrive at Kodiak we will take a bus directly to the race course to preview it.  Please dress accordingly or have extra warm clothes easily accessible.  After walking the course we will go to the church we are staying at and relax.

    The church we are staying at is: 

    Kodiak Bible church. We are housing with Redington and Houston.

    This church is within walking distance of Walmart/Safeway.

    We will use the rental car to shuttle kids back and forth to shower at Kodiak High School on Friday night

    We will bring a small cooler with a few food items.  We will have a chicken, rice and salad dinner and we can bring other items you would like to have.  We are waiting on details to see if the church has a kitchen for us to use.  In the morning we will pack up all of our gear and make certain the church is better than when we arrived!  We will not be returning in the afternoon before our flight.

    We will have two vehicles for us to use to help shuttle our athletes to the races in the morning.  

    Saturday bus will pick the team up and take to the course. The bus is scheduled for an 8am pick-up

    Please bring all racing gear, including warm layers for over and under your uniform and racing spikes.  Plan for cold, wind and rain!

    RACE SCHEDULE on Saturday, Oct 2nd:

    9:45am Boys JV

    10:30am Girls JV

    11:15am Boys DII Varsity

    12:00pm Boys DI Varsity

    12:45pm Girls DII Varsity

    1:30pm Girls DI Varsity

    2:30pm Awards

    Our flight is scheduled to leave Kodiak at 5:00pm on Saturday Alaska Airlines Flight #10 (it will be very quick from the end of the race to our time we need to be at the airport).  We will not return to the church or high school after the race!.  We land in Anchorage at 5:55pm.  We are asking parents to please pick up their child at the Airport.  Bus will pick us up in Anchorage and take us to WHS at 6:00pm (arrive in Wasilla around 7pm Saturday night).

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

    Coach Leslie Varys



Last Modified on December 14, 2021