Math 8 Syllabus and Class Expectations


    Hello, my name is Stephen Anderson, your child’s Math teacher at Palmer Junior Middle School. Listed below are some general guidelines as well as a short syllabus for this class. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the information below.




    Students need earbuds, 2 pencils, graph paper, a protractor, ruler (preferably in mm), an eraser, The school will supply Chromebooks and graph paper composition journals which students will show all work in.


    School Communication


    There are several ways that you can communicate with me. You can email me at Stephen.Anderson@matsuk12.us. Also, you can call me at school by dialing 761-4324. If you are just wondering what the night’s homework is for any class I teach, please visit our Canvas Classroom with your student. (More information to follow for parent observer accounts)


    Canvas Classroom


    There are aspects of class completed in Canvas Classroom as this is a blended class. It’s all set up and ready to go and I will send out parent login information once classrooms stabilize.



    Discipline and Classroom Procedures


    Discipline in my classroom is based upon mutual respect. I will not tolerate students picking on each other and treating each other in an otherwise unkind manner. As with any discipline plan, there are serious behaviors (listed in detail in the PJMS handbook) resulting in direct referral to school administration.


    Being disruptive: Students are sent to the silent seat for a short amount of time and then return to their seats. Students disrupting while in the silent seat are referred to the front office as outlined in PJMS policy.


    Other Rules: 

    1. Be kind to yourself and others.

    2. Always do your best (TRY).

    3. Always conduct yourself in a safe manner.

    4. Learn how to fail with grace for yourself and others.

    5. Keep your area clean for the next student that sits at your desk.

    6. All disruptive electronic devices need to stay out of site unless directed to use them from the teacher.


    Extra Help


    Please let me know if your child needs help. I conduct an informal study hall for students needing some guidance on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.




    Please make sure your child attends school daily. However, I know that people get ill and will miss school. Work missed during excused absences will be awarded full credit is long as it is submitted during the time frame allowed in the district guidelines. Please take a look at your child’s Canvas Classroom web page for a detailed description of what was assigned in class to stay caught up.



    Grading Scale



    The grading scale is as follows:


    100%-90% = “A”

    89%-80% = “B”

    79%- 70% = “C”

    69%-60% = “D”

    Grades less than 59% = “F”


    Assignments/ Homework/ Practice:


    Mathematics is a very important subject, and it is very likely that your child will have homework in this class. The homework category is 10% of the overall grade and all late work is accepted.




    For the most part, quizzes are  given  several  times   per   quarter   to   measure   what   students have  learned  in  classes.  Quizzes also give me valuable data on what content   areas need revisiting. Quizzes are worth 20% of the overall grade.




    Tests measure student mastery in each area and I strongly encourage students to study for tests in all their classes. In my class, students are given a study guide with questions like the chapter test questions to help them prepare. Additionally, I thoroughly go over any questions that the students have pertaining to problems on the study guide or practice questions. There should be no surprises on any tests given in my class. Tests are worth 60% of the overall grade.




    This is a new category at PJMS and worth 10% of the overall grade. Employability is coming prepared to class with Student Workbook, Math Journal, Chromebook, pencils, and any homework.


    Test/Quiz Retakes


    Students may retake one test AND one quiz one time per quarter for up to an 89% “B+” grade. Tests or quizzes retaken after that will be capped at 75%. To help avoid having to retake tests and quizzes I strongly suggest reviewing the study questions and getting extra help as needed. There will be no retakes on finals and other cumulative tests. Students have 7 calendar days to retake your assessments.


    Course Content:


    1st Quarter:


    -Geometric Figures

    • Rigid Transformations and Congruence

    -Geometric Figures

    • Transformations, Similarities and Angle Relationships


    2nd Quarter:


    -Linear Relationships

    • Slope, Linear Equations, and Systems


    • Linear and Nonlinear Relationships

    3rd Quarter:


    • Linear and Nonlinear Relationships

    -Integer Exponents

    • Properties and Scientific Notation

    4th Quarter:

    -Real Numbers:

    • Rational Numbers, Irrationals Numbers, and the Pythagorean Theorem


    • Two Variable Data and Fitting a Linear Model

    We are planning to have a great school year and if you have any questions and comments, please let me know ASAP.



    Mr. Stephen Anderson

    Math 8 Teacher


    Palmer Junior Middle School


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