• What are some things I can do at home to help my child? 

    1. Try not to make remarks like: "Slow down", "Take a deep breath," or "Relax." Talk like this isn't helpful. 

    2. let the person know by your manner that you are listening to what he or she says- not how they say it. 

    3. Maintain eye contact during conversation. Wait patiently until the person is finished talking. 

    4. You may be tempted to finish sentences or fill in words. Try not to. Use a relatively relaxed rate in your own speech- but not so slow it becomes unnatural. 

    5. Be aware that those who stutter usually have trouble controlling their speech on the telephone. Please be patient in these situations. 

    6. Speak with a relaxed rate of speech. This provides good communication with everyone. 


    Information from The Stuttering Foundation