• 4C’s (Advisory) Period 7

    Mr. Smith

    Teeland Middle School

    Room C107

    Phone: 352-7594

    Email: joshua.smith@matsuk12.us 

    TMS 4 CCCC’s Course Description (Not currently in the Middle School Program of Studies)

    The 4 CCCC’S (Credit, Career, College, Community) course will provide a variety of topics including, but not limited to, SEL (Social Emotional Learning), organization, goal setting, building peer relational capacity, career exploration, study skill strategies, academic enrichment, and time to specifically focus on silent, sustained reading and math practice.  Each advisor teacher will be responsible for building a classroom environment of trust and dialogue.  Students will be graded with a traditional letter grade.


    Weekly Schedule:

    Monday -Tuesday:      Complete a guided Lions Quest (SEL) lesson.

    Wednesday:                Silent Reading (Student brings a book)

    Thursday:                    MyPath Math lesson(s) (Students bring their Chromebook)

    Friday:                         Activity day (Kagan, Socratic Circle, Academic Game, Math Graphing Activity, Crossword Puzzle, etc.) 


    Activity Day Friday is a dedicated time for students to socialize during a structured activity. Social activities are defined as interactive communication between two or more students that may include physical activity without the use of screen time. Activity day is a time to promote and foster team building and social skills.


Last Modified on August 18, 2021