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    Cross- Country: August 16- Sept. 21 

    Coaches: David Knopp, Rhett Buchanan

                                      and Christy Zahrt (Last day to join August 25th)



    Soccer Club: August 23 - Sept. 15

                                 Coach: Chancy Zahrt ($15 for the club)

                                 The last day to sign up is Monday, 8/29/22.




      Cheerleading cheer megaphone clipart Cheerleading: Sept. 12 - Nov. 19 

                                     Tryouts: Sept 12th - 15th 

                                    Coaches: Amanda Bellamy - Head Coach

                                    Tari Jacobson - Assistant Coach





      Orange basketball jpg 7/8 Grade Basketball: Sept. 26- Nov. 19

                            Boy's Head Coach: Kep Kroon &

                            Boy's Assistant Coach:Tom Berg

                            Girl's Head Coach: Chandice Kelly &

                            Girl's Assistant Coach: Jesslyn Zahrt

                           Tryouts: Both Boy's & Girl's Sept 22nd & 23rd 



    Ideas about basketball clipart on love in 2     6th Grade Basketball: Nov. 21- Dec. 21

                              Coach for Boys: Jason Pruett

                              Coach for Girls: TBA



    7th/8th Volleyball: Jan. 9 - March 1

                                                Coaches:  Shanelle Vannoy 

                                                and Jousette McKeel


    6th grade Volleyball     6th Grade Volleyball: March 6 - April 6

                                                   Coaches:  TBA


    Boys Volleyball              Boys Volleyball

                                                           Coaches: Jason Pruett

                                                             and Matt Netzley


    Photos of wrestling clip art high school wrestling clip Wrestling: Jan. 9 - March 4

                                               Coaches: Alex Antonio and TBA


    Track:  April 10 - May 17

                                        Coaches: David Knopp, Christy Zahrt

                                        and Chancy Zahrt


    Flag Football: April 10 - May 17

                                      Coach: Matt Jaronik ($15 for the Club)


             JNYO: TBA

                                                            Coach: TBA

                                                            NYO: TBA

                                                            Coach: TBA


    For more information please contact:

    JoAnn Hunt

    Sports Secretary


    Jousette Mckeel - Athletic Director

    Email: Jousette.mckeel@matsuk12.us