• How ABLE Works

    ABLE begins each day with a warm greeting from staff and deep breathing exercises.  Students review their Grad or Credit Recovery Plan and set a goal for the day based on that plan and then get right to work.  Students work independently and quietly for 90 minutes periods of time and then take a short break to stretch and listen to announcements.  


    Whenever a student needs help with a class, they let the staff know in order to receive one-on-one tutoring.  If the teacher is busy, the student will switch classes until the teacher is ready.  Small group learning will be made available for specific classes or based on student needs.  


    A student will meet with their mentor teacher once a week, or every other week, and reflect on their overall progress and determine if they are on or off track and strategize on how to improve if they are falling behind.  The student ends the day by checking off their completed goals and writing a short reflection on how they did and how they think they can improve.  


    Ultimately, a student can complete a class faster or slower based on their own work ethic, motivation, and attendance.  This pace could result in a class being completed every few days or every few weeks.  Every student who has committed themselves to graduating, no matter how far behind they were, has always been successful and graduated through the program.


    Academy Expectations

    • Cell phones turned in and locked up during work sessions
    • No visiting, loitering, idleness, causing disruptions, or using the internet for personal reasons
    • No sleeping or putting head on desk
    • All students must set goals for the day
    • All students must work hard the entire session


    Program Structure and goals

    • All students will have a Graduation or Credit Recovery Plan that is reviewed weekly
    • Based on weekly progress, students are classified as On Track, Off Track, or At Risk
    • As soon as a student is off track with their Graduation or Recovery Plan, the mentor teacher will initiate ABLE intervention steps and alert parents
    • Students will be limited to working on two classes at a time
    • Professional environment will be maintained at all times
    • Students will work in a cubicle independently until help is needed
    • Small group instruction is available and encouraged
    • Students will meet with their mentors weekly


    • The goal is to get caught up to return to a more traditional setting.
    • Need to be behind by 2 or more credits
    • The ABLE counselor will schedule all classes for students. The order of these classes will help students catch up in a way that will allow them to transition back.
    • If a junior is not caught up in time, there will be a team meeting to determine whether they should continue in the program or return to regular school.



    • The goal is to graduate as soon as possible by following or moving faster than their Grad Plan
    • A senior is expected to follow the pace of their Grad Plan at all times
    • If a senior gets off track, they will work with their teachers to come up with a revised plan
    • If a senior does not stay on track, they will meet with teachers, administrators, and home to determine whether to continue in the program or be referred to a different one.